Technology: Hemingwrite – portable writing device, distraction free


Take a typewriter and give it the same durability and ease of use as a Kindle.

  • 6 plus weeks of battery life
  • 1 million page plus memory
  • Mechanical keyboard – high-quality tactile feedback
  • Daylight readable, high contrast screen with backlight for writing indoors, outdoors in the daytime or at night
  • Syncs with your favorite cloud apps like Evernote and Google Docs so you can review and edit your documents later
Hemingwrite high-tech low hassle portable writing device - amazing technology made simple

High-tech low hassle [*] Amazing technology made simple

I want one!

I grew up in the 1970s. I remember the first electronic calculator, which my dad’s business started using to replace the “Manual Victor Champion Portable Adding Machines” that previously dominated every desk.  That calculator was going to take me and my young mind into Space. Then came the ZX Spectrum. Computer games! Wow, although they never usurped my passion for sitting around a table with pens, paper and dice, playing role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu). Skip to 1989 and I’ve just quit my job, aged 19, to write a novel. I bought a Philips Videowriter. I was exceptionally happy.

Philips Videowriter portable word processor with integral printer 1989

Philips Videowriter portable word processor with integral printer 1989

This is in the days when there wasn’t a consistent or dominant provider of word processing software. I wrote my novel on this and could print it out on this, but I couldn’t do much else with the data on those discs. Mass access to this new thing called the Internet was still a few years away for me.

The novel was crap.  Your first one usually is.

Skip to 1993 and I’ve left the city I grew up in and relocated 320 miles away in Bristol. I’ve bought an Amstrad PCW 8256/ 8512 previously owned by the novelist Denis MacEoin aka Daniel Easterman and Jonathan Aycliffe.  I start to write God Seed.

1993 Hotwells Bristol David J Rodger working on God Seed with Amstrad PCW 8256  8512 previously owned by Denis MacEoin aka Daniel Easterman and Jonathan Aycliffe

Me in 1993 with my Amstrad PCW 8256 / 8512 working on God Seed

Come 1996 I upgraded to a 486 PC. Welcome to the world of Microsoft Word.  Time marches on. Computers get smaller outside but bigger inside. Apple deliver a computing revolution with their iPad.  The concept of a tablet computer sweeps the planet and a lot of people buy them.

But where’s the freaking keyboard!

Tablets are great for consumers.  People who want to consume content. But they’re a bad nightmare for creatives.  People who want to bash out 80 words per minute to produce the content.

Me, I’ve settled for a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard that folds into a case or stand to hold the screen upright. It’s great. Has totally reinvented the way (and the where) I can write. I still need to touch base with my home computer but that’s OK. When I am out and about I am able to be 80% efficient in my creative projects – without having to lug a laptop around or seeking power outlets to feed the battery.

But look at THIS!

Hemingwrite designed to aid  new and established writers

Write without distraction

What a beautiful looking device.

Amazing technology made simple.

High tech with low hassle.

And no freaking pop-ups from social media apps derailing your train of thought.  It’s a screen. It’s a keyboard.

Typewriter truly for the 21st Century.

And very much in keeping with our steady advance towards Cyberpunk becoming reality. Science fiction becoming science fact. Not just better technology but the way in which users want their technology to appear.  You know Hipsters are going to survive the Apocalypse, right?

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David J Rodger – DATA


6 thoughts on “Technology: Hemingwrite – portable writing device, distraction free

  1. You can disable notifications on iPad while you’re writing though…
    I do all my drafting on phone, iPad or Kindle to the cloud, and second draft in Word (I need the grammar checker because of my dyslexia, it’s not perfect but is so much better than anything else I’ve found) so I can see the appeal, but it seems a bit late when there are so many similar options.

  2. Ah, the Amstrad 8256 (how I lusted after the 8512 which could use the spell checker in Locoscipt!). At least you went straight onto a 486. Me, I went via a 386DX (the sort with the slower disk drive). When I met my -to-be wife (when we were both working in Bristol, BTW) in 1999, she was still using an old 286 machine; quaint even by the standards of the day. But that’s just her… :-))

    What sort of keyboard do you use for your iPad? I left school with two O-levels (I was a late developer, but that’s another story) and a typing qualification cut using old manual machines, which has made me REALLY fussy about the ergonomics of a keyboard. The best one I’ve found so far is the new ‘Amazon basics’ one – very nice.

  3. I can’t help but dig on that Hemingwrite, but at the proposed price point, I don’t see it happening. Get it down to a hundred bucks and yes. It is, however, a pretty slick unit.

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