School of Elemental Knocks – a free RPG scenario idea for Yellow Dawn

New students at a school of elemental magick have a chance to learn about the powerful forces that help shape our world, and work towards manipulating them; but darker minds are at work and mortal danger lurks in the quiet places and secret spaces

Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur is an RPG written by British Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger – it blends the Cthulhu Mythos and cyberpunk genres in a post-apocalyptic setting. It currently has three novels set within it: Dog Eat Dog, The Black Lake and The Social Club.


A scenario that introduces characters who are interested in magick to the rules of the metaphysical arts within the post-apocalyptic setting of Yellow Dawn. This scenario should be targeted at one or more players who want their characters to become involved in the use of magick; from Occult to the Mythos. However, it does not exclude participation by other characters, non-magick users, who can be involved as friends, confidantes and ultimately investigators and bodyguards as the scenario evolves.

CREDIT: Artwork included here by super-talented Jonas DeRo (deviantART)



“Why magick works, nobody knows. It just does. Like scientists who study the gravitational force and its ability to transcend time and space within a multiverse version of reality, sorcerers study and manipulate forces that have been pre-coded into the fabric of the Universe – and what lies beyond.”  – Danail Natale Jansink, 88th Magi of the Order of the Crimson Seal.

“What is evident, is that somebody or something, before Time became irrevocably fused into the human psyche, created a boundary, a protective membrane if you like. I call it the Quantisphere.  Within this membrane lie all the rules of the spirit world; angels and demons, poltergeists, ghosts and even vampires.  It is the fundamental manipulation of energy fields that are known to exist that allow the magi, or the recently awakened Road Mages, to induce flames from their fingertips or bring a freezing blizzard to materialise in the heart of summer. Outside this membrane. Beyond the Quantisphere. No such rules apply. And the energies encountered there are as toxic to the human mind as the fumes of the worst places on and beneath the Earth; they are as deadly as the bone crushing weight at the bottom of the deepest oceans.  To plunge beyond the Quantisphere is to fall forever into the abyss, and you only have one breath.” – Professor Amanda Hrabe, Munich Institute of Nano Molecular Biophysics.



What are you? A dabbler in the Occult? A demonologist? A manipulator of elemental energies? A conjurer of portals and dangerous entities from Beyond the Quantisphere? Or wielder of alien fields that were never intended to be embraced by human minds? If any of the above touches the interests of your character then an invitation is made available to you in a very unusual manner.  The form of the Invitation will vary from character to character. It could be a card that appears mysteriously in the character’s bag, aged paper and fancy script stating they should make themselves present at a particular location at a certain time. Or perhaps events conspire around a character on a particular day, in a particular place, to have them move deeper into a quiet location… a forest, a filthy alleyway, an abandoned room… suddenly the sounds that were there fade, birdsong, a different quality of light and new smells form as the character pushes through to emerge on the edge of a property with enclosed grounds and magnificent buildings. This is one of the many schools of elemental magick that exist. The character has been invited to attend an Admission Pass.

What this school looks like and what it teaches is down to the GM.  But all characters who enter will be met by a tall, dark-haired woman with strangely symmetrical features and large unblinking eyes heavy with make-up.  Say hello to Madaline Grice.



Madalene Grice is a very powerful individual, currently in the guise of a female human, she is a member of one of the many Schools of Elemental Magic that have sprung up in the wake of Yellow Dawn. In truth, these schools have always been there, throughout the majority of human history dating back to pre-Christian times. But the events around Yellow Dawn led to a significant increase in the number of people becoming aware of metaphysical talents. Significant…does not mean there is a magick user on every street corner. Significant means that most survivor settlements out in the wilderness have heard of people called Road Mages who travel the landscape, practicing arts that could be classed as magick. A few settlements have encountered this first hand; sometimes positive, sometimes negative, usually mysterious. And a handful have experienced one of their residents slowly admit they can do things or see things that don’t make sense, or abruptly wake-up to a heightened state of awareness; but either way, they feel a calling, an urge to leave and find the source of this yearning. Or they receive an Invitation – and simply disappear.

Madalene Grice has a magic artifact called an Occulus Claw. It resembles a fiery orange crystal ball that pulses with a glowing light, held by a sinewy and scaled animal claw of a golden metal. At certain times, usually following the unexpected death of a student at her particular school, Grice uses the artifact to scan for a suitable replacement. Somebody (or bodies) with the interest and the relevant passion to attempt an Admission Pass.

The artifact will lock onto the character / characters from a distance of dozens of miles, glowing particular bright and resonating with sounds and energy fields that tell Grice they are suitable. She then uses an aged magical mechanism to issue an Invitation, a combination of illusion and teleportation.

The character(s) with magic potential will arrive alone. Fellow player characters can arrive later, once unusual events begin to unfold – which will be quickly.

The actual school itself is down to the GMs choice, but should be relevant to the magic type of interest to the character (as expressed by the player). The school will also be physically nearby to where the character(s) are based – allowing them access to contacts, friends, resources and other characters.

These are the 6 schools listed in the Yellow Dawn Primary Rulebook, version 2.5.1 page 69

  • Prism of Eternal Light (Right Hand Denomination)
  • Peradons Staff (Right Hand Denomination)
  • Dues Regina (Left Hand Denomination)
  • Cleft of Shadows (Left Hand Denomination)
  • Purple Dawn (Non-Denomination / Mythos)
  • Circle of Solomon (Non-Denomination / Mythos)

There are countless more, but these are the most respected.


The mechanism creates a subtle illusion that leads the character into a quite, usually isolated place – alley way, forest, overgrown garden – following somebody or something, and then teleports them to emerge into the grounds of the school: the sounds change, the light and temperature may change, new sounds and smells emerge… the character arrives.

Normally, when joining a school, a character has sought the place out and so must give up all material possessions before beginning any phase of training. Part of the “letting go” of the physical as a precursor to taking hold of the metaphysical.

Those adepts who are “Invited” do not need to do this. They are special. They are seen to have potential.   The only thing adepts must sacrifice is time; a minimum of 3 months of their lives.


This is a brief or lengthy encounter with faculty members of the particular school, including Madalene Grice. It is simply a test, or series of tests that demonstrate to them the existence of what is required for the character to continue. Characters should not fail this, unless they demonstrate a particularly stupid approach to magick.

  • Occult operations. If the character wants to perform any kind of Occult operations (bottom of page 312) then they must have the Chanderic Sense, also known as having an Awakening. If the character does not have it, they can choose to have it happen as a part of the Admission Pass but be aware of the POW cost of this (bottom left of page 313).
  • Astral Plane. If a character is only interested in exploring the Astral Plane, they must have the Hero Bonus “Astral Seed” (page 168)
  • Demonology. If a character is only interested in the conjuration of demons, then they do not need any Hero Bonus or the Chanderic sense. They just need nerves of steel and access to a school that is of left-hand denomination.  It is why some sorcerers fall foul of demons and possession as they see it as a short cut to attaining magical power – ignorant of the immense danger from dealing with these entities.
  • Mythos. If a character wishes to dabble with operations that manipulate alien energies from beyond the Quantisphere, or commune with or even conjure creatures from the Outer Chaos, then they will require a non-denomination school and a great deal of studying to increase their Mythos skill.
solace of school for magic to study occult and Cthulhu Mythos operations - art by  jonasdero deviantart

Solace by Jonas DeRo – All Rights Reserved


The school has existed for centuries, if not millennia. This is reflected in the layers of architectural styles, any modern structures are either entirely standalone or have been built on the skeletons of more historic-looking structures, which in turn were built on the crumbling remains of stone temples.

The school is protected by arcane charms and old enchantments that stretch back to the earliest days.  Foremost they are to prevent none magick-users from stumbling across the place.  There is an “area of effect” that stretches out beyond the physical structures of the main and ancillary buildings; illusion magick, that means anybody walking through the area is not aware of, does not see, the school. Sometimes, some schools,  there are minor adjustments to climate or the ratio of the passage of time (compared out “outside” world), within this area of effect. However, these are minor indeed because to have anything significant would require far too much magick to POWer. These minor effects are POWered by drip-feed process, magickal energy absorbed from the area and the people in it (with negligible impact).

The head of each faculty within a school can control who is included within the enchantment that hides the school, giving them access.  This includes allowing non-magick users (other player characters) to participate.

A raft of other charms and enchantments will exist within the school.  Many of these are more serious, designed to alert certain senior members to bad magic being used, to prevent dangerous effects from spreading too far, and to stop students killing themselves or everyone else.

The Caretaker, and the Principle Master, two important roles in any school, will typically have been handed down knowledge on how to control and maintain – or even disable – these charms and enchantments.


Every school is different. Some have very small classes of students grouped by personal temperament, or by ability, or by the field of magick they are studying.  The big schools will facilitate a wide range of different fields.  These groups of students can exist throughout the lifespan of their time at the school – regardless of how many times they leave and come back; or they can be temporary arrangements. It is really down to the GM and how he/she feels the school is best organised. One option is to have a magickal construct known as a Host, sort of a floating illusion with memory, that can meet and greet individual students and co-ordinate their learning… plus a Host could represent the mascot of a particular grouping of students, especially if the groupings are like University Fraternities.


But with magick it can be utterly fatal.  Many students leave school suffering anxiety issues, horrible physical injuries (energy burns to hands and face, crippling nerve damage, loss of high cognitive functions, etc).  Studying magick is comparable to trying to wield the fundamental forces, including nuclear forces, with your bare hands and thin layer of protection that is mentally projected in place. Make a mistake and terrible consequences can follow.

Page 69 and 70 of the Yellow Dawn Primary Rulebook contain details of time spent studying, the risks and rewards for each period.

The characters involved in magick should begin to get to know the school and any fellow students.


Students are being murdered. All of the senior faculty members know this but Alia Lebron (Principle Master) has demanded that knowledge of it be suppressed for fear of causing issues with other students. Those that do not know the truth believe these students simply left the school early, before the end of a term – which is unusual, especially so many of them. In truth, all of these students have been butchered in the last 4 months:

  • Kevin Richardson (4 months ago)
  • James Bennett
  • Dorothy Jenkins
  • Anthony Griffin
  • Ronald Hall
  • Brian Mitchell
  • Thanh Varney – most recent and the death is public knowledge amongst the school as the body was discovered by two students, Floyd Chandler (also killed very recently) and Erica Santiago (she and three other students, including her fiance Michael Graham discover Floyd Chandler’s body).


The reason the character(s) have received an Invitation is because of the latest student death. Floyd Chandler. This student was murdered by a particularly horrific non-human species known as Grom, and it’s accompanying bodyguard servant, one of the Groth. Which are taking actions to facilitate the growth of a particularly potent resonator mound (temple), in dedication and worship of the Murg. This is pure Cthulhu Mythos, and is relevant regardless of whether the characters are at a school to focus on Mythos magic or one for Occult operations (within the Quantisphere).  It will reveal the extra-dimensional and alien horror of the Mythos.

At some point early on the character(s) studies will be interrupted by the gruesome discovery of Luciano Landrum. This advanced student came back to the school for a 6 month term to perfect a major operation. Luciano had evolved his POW to extra-high levels. The characters will sense something strange is taking place and should be prompted to go out to investigate. They will hear some noises (Alia withdrawing from the area) and then see Madaline Grice, moving very cautiously… she too has sensed something and has come to take a look, but her cautious behaviour may be misinterpreted. The character(s) will find Luciano in a terrible state – only partially consumed. Alia had to flee as the crime seemed about to be discovered…. Alia pauses long enough to reactivate the protective enchantments and then returns to the scene as if only just arriving for first time. Alia will query Madaline Grice’s presence there, suggesting it is unusual.

It is unusual.

Alia’s crimes do not normally create such an issue (for her and the Grom inside of her) but something is now different.

Madaline Grice, not human, and deeply wary of might be happening, has conjured a subtle “entity” that acts as an alarm to any Mythos activity. This entity is called a Saro.

The Saro is sensitive to the presence of anything Mythos, particularly when nefarious activities are in motion.

As soon as Alia disabled the enchantments, she also removed some of the very things concealing the creature inside of her.

The Saro reflected and broadcast the presence of something Mythos in the vicinity. Everyone felt it, apart from Alia.

At some point in the future…

Madaline Grice will eventually deduce the nature of the Mythos creature in the school’s midst and take action to dispose of it – but her attempt will ultimately fail and the Grom crab will actually crawl into her, allowing blame to fall upon Alia and then go quiet until things settle down.

How much the characters share in this – and how able they are to stop is, depends on how much trust the put in Madaline Grice, and whether they work with her or against her.


This tripartite entity is a scourge of the Cthulhu Mythos because, like all non-human species that are not Great Old Ones or Outer Gods, it has no problem operating within the Quantisphere.  The Grom resembles a cross between a crab and a spider; intelligent and cruel it uses a nerve sting to incapacitate victims (6 metre range, can pass through armour and solid materials) before crawling physically inside of them to take over. The Groth is a mass of grey “mould” that can cling to a surface, or rise up as a solid mass; this can even be slightly man shape, as Groth were once a living being now turned into a loyal and monstrous servant.  Murg: GREAT OLD ONE – also known as the Tower, The Fountain, and The Mental Fist. Murg has no real appearance. It is a conglomeration of sentient energy beyond human perception or comprehension. Worshiped exclusively by Grom (crabs), its existence is possibly only possible as a direct result of the collective “mind” created by their temples and deposits of Resonators.  Get STATS and more information of the Grom, Groth, Murg via the free to download supplement for Yellow Dawn: Monsters of the Mythos.


Ordinarily, the presence and activity of something like Grom-Groth-Murg within the School would be flagged up by the numerous and ancient enchantments that watch over the school. The problem here is that the school’s Principle Master, Alia Lebron, has become infected by a Grom crab… it encountered her outside of the school, stunned her with a nerve sting and then crawled up into her mouth and burrowed through flesh, cartilidge, blood and bone to embed itself within her brain. Where it now resides, in complete control of its human host. Now within the School and using magic to conceal its nefarious activities, Alia has smuggled her Groth in through the protective enchantments and has it lurking beneath the “troll bridge” – the low wooden bridge that crosses the river within the forest separating the main grounds of the school from the outbuildings and Crusader Court.

Alia Lebron now represents a dire threat to the school, to its students and faculty members who operate within its confines. Her goal is to remain in place and excrete resonators, building a temple out of them and pieces of flesh and vital organs removed from some of her eaten victims.  The resonators and temple are especially powerful because of the abundance of magical energies in play here.

Her concealment has been aided by the fact there exists a sub-plot within the school, another story, that has some of the faculty members and students telling lies and attracting growing suspicion, averting attention from the true cause of the horror.

Danger to the characters and other students:

Every day there is a ‘1’ on 1d6 chance, per day, that a student will be killed by Alia. There are currently 20 students remaining at the school, and so there is a ‘1’ on 1d20 chance – when a student is attacked – that it will be one of the magic using characters.

Each attack is designed to give Alia energy rich flesh and blood, useful for producing (within her) particularly potent resonators. Normally, Alia finds a student in some random, remote part of the school grounds, disables the enchantments that are active in the area… and surprises the student with a nerve sting, rendering them incapable of calling for help or defending themselves. This is because Alia has been utterly trusted and loved by so many students – the attack always comes as a complete surprise.

The actual method of killing is by blunt force trauma to the head, crushing the skull but typically leaving the basic function of the body alive. Long enough for Alia to feast on living flesh. The consumption is done via magickal means, great “scoops” of flesh that leave energy burns on the exposed bone and weirdly serrated marks in the flesh left in place.


The death of Floyd Chandler is different to the rest.

Floyd Chandler was killed by the guardian Groth, because in the final moment he managed to anticipate the attack by Alia – and launched a reflexive energy blast that worked because the enchantments had been disabled (evidence of this energy blast exists on floor of Crusader Court and so hint at disabling of the enchantments; the only person capable of doing this is the principle Master – such a discovery and subsequent accusation is a turning point in the investigation and will lead to extreme politics within the School bubbling over at boiling point). Floyd’s withered and dessicated corpse was found clinging to the iron rod central to the Crusader Court. This is unusual and is significant.


These events are helping Ali Lebron conceal her own crimes against the students.

Sexual deviancy.

A group of faculty members have been using students and the facilities of the school to explore their sexual fantasies. The specific details are up to the GM but bare bones of the sub-plot are here.

It is important to note that the study of magick is incredibly dangerous. Students are learning to grapple with potent energies and entities for the first time, and this can lead to tragic, sometimes fatal accidents. It can also lead students to confront their own inner demons and experience acute fears and failings, leading to problems with anxiety and mental health. Suicides are not uncommon; deaths are less so but not unheard of. But astute characters should be able to deduce something unusual in the fate of five students in the past few months. This is the sub-plot:

Four faculty members (3 senior sorcerers + 1 caretaker of charms and enchantments ) meet within a secret chamber to carry out their dubious activities:

  • Reinhold Cosgrove
  • Tonie Newby
  • Theo Waller
  • Lindy Hardison – The Caretaker

The chamber is a magical construct that exists outside of normal space & time. It can only be accessed through reading aloud certain three short passages from three arcane volumes, all located within the “Library of the Ghost Orchid”. This library exists in the heart of a vast and ancient tree, somewhere within the grounds of the school, whose interior was hollowed-out to make the very pages of the books contained within its shelves. None of the books within can be removed from the Ghost Orchid library because they crumble and turn to ash… equally, if nobody visits the library the books begin to deteriorate. The books need people to read and observe them for them to exist.

> The three arcane volumes in question could be identified by characters looking for them because they are in such pristine condition. They have been used most out of all the books in the library and so have deteriorated the least.

The group call themselves a Cabal and enjoy luring new students in to their “fun and games“; using their combined knowledge and formidable powers to erase memories and the most obvious signs of abuse. However, not everything can always be removed and concealed like this. And several students have suffered extreme trauma from echoes of what has happened to them filtering up through the subconscious in nightmare dreams and strange unsettled feelings.

The following students are known to have suffered extreme issues. Alia could highlight them as being unusual and possibly part of a pattern… because she (correctly) believes this will confuse investigations.

  • Anthony Mccarthy (committed suicide, his note stated, “I cannot live with the things I do not know that I know that I have done”)
  • Marcia Flowers (attacked one of the four faculty members – Reinhold Cosgrove – for no apparent reason. She suffered a seizure and left the school)
  • Pedro Schultz (committed suicide, his note stated, “This flower is like poison. It needs fungus to exist. Without such fungus it merely withers and dies. Perhaps that is best, to avoid the poison spreading). GM NOTE: this is a cryptic reference to the Ghost Orchid Library.
  • Tabitha Chambers (tried to burn the tree that contains the library – failed, so set herself on magical fire and died as a result of burning out her lungs. She carved a message using magick in the ground near her charred body: “some men are no better than barbed weeds that should be slashed and burned. I will fester forever in that one, grove”)
  • Ruby Harris (found hanged in her room, with her feet and hands chopped off, a pile of minced meat, gristle and bone in the room was identified as being the missing body parts – some of the mince was found in her stomach) GM NOTE: the actual cause of her death is open to debate and is being investigated, slowly, by Theo Waller (one of the cabal).


It is the recent death of Ruby Harris that has tied this grouping erroneously into the death of other students.



Very rare because it is impossible to propagate. It has no leaves, does not depend on photosynthesis and does not manufacture its own food. It needs a specific fungus in close contact with its root system, which feeds it. The Ghost orchid never grows leaves, and will therefore always depend on the fungus for its nourishment. The Ghost orchid can live underground for years, without showing any external signs and will only bloom when all conditions are optimum.

The Scenario Unfolds

The Story So Far

A student was recently murdered. Floyd Chandler – age 28. He was found in the remote Crusaders Courtyard, part of a set of outbuildings separated from the School by a stretch of forest – through which runs a river with a low bridge. Characters can quickly learn that Floyd was discovered by fellow students:

  • Gerard Reyes (44)
  • Erica Santiago (21) – she had been having a fling with Floyd, even though she is engaged to Michael Graham. She is wary of revealing this. She does know that on the night Thanh Varney was killed (the most recent student death) they were in the woods between Crusader Court and the School when a young Elk wandered in and cautiously interacted with them. Which is strange, because animals shouldn’t be able to see them, not bound by the old enchantments that protect the school. Either the Elk had become part of the enchantment or the school’s protection had been disabled – which would make sense considering how brutally Thanh Varney had been killed with offensive magick (not normally possible when the old enchantments are active). The only people who know how to disable the enchantments are Alia Lebron (Principle Master) and Lindy Hardison (Caretaker).
  • Michael Graham (28)
  • Oscar Akiko (30)

If investigated, all of these students should have some gripe with Floyd Chandler that could be misconstrued as a motive for murder – from rivalry, jealousy over love interests, to theft of ideas or ridicule over some mistake.

Floyd Chandler was a highly advanced student and specialised in the study of ancient enchantments, those found on primaeval temples….

Floyd was found clinging to the iron rod that thrusts up from the copper ball, placed centrally within the courtyard and converging lines and overlapping circles of silver inlaid within the stone floor, Floyd had been drained of blood and of energy (STR and POW). This is the first time a student has been found killed in this way. Previous murders (performed by Alia herself) have involved consumption of flesh and searing of exposed bone.

The fact Floyd Chandler was clinging to the iron rod is significant if somebody considers the Crusader Court, and the devices within it, are the engine of the enchantments that provide an umbrella of protection over the school. Whilst this umbrella is active, no offensive spells can be cast except in designated areas – and people and creatures should not be able to discover the school itself.

Floyd was sending a message in his death. He was saying: look at this!


The characters have some or all of the following bits of information.

– Floyd Chandler’s death, the fact he was clinging to iron rod, and the names of people who found him.

– Thanh Varney’s monstrous murder. Actually one of 7 in last 4 months. Only senior faculty members know this; and such information may come out during characters questioning them. Alternatively, if the characters befriend Madaline Grice, she may reveal this truth.

– Five students have suffered extreme anxiety, emotional problems, including several suicides in last 11 months. This itself is not unusual but Alia Lebron will inform character(s) who start nosing around, that there appears to be a connection between them and the death of Thanh Varney and Floyd Chandler. This is a fabrication by Alia, a lie designed to confuse investigations. These five students are victims of sexual abuse by the Cabal.

Alia Lebron will continue to steadily murder students as the Grom inside of her craves power-infused flesh and blood to create resonators, which then helps her build a temple mound.

One or more characters may find themselves victims of this.

Madaline Grice has brought a Saro into play, which will create a feeling of unease and strangeness every time Alia disengages the old enchantments protecting the school, typically just before she kills somebody- this starts to set up a pattern than investigators can use to try and narrow down who is doing this.

Madaline Grice will eventually confront Alia (the Grom) but become a victim and be taken over by the Grom which moves into her skull… allowing Alia’s mindless body to become the focus of blame.

The Groth will lurk beneath the wooden “troll” bridge crossing the river through the woods. It does whatever it can to protect Alia. It may be spotted from time to time, a shape, a thing….


Alia’s Grom is building a temple mound using pieces of flesh taken from victims, including vital organs wired up with magically fused blood vessels. This “living” mound of horror contains resonators, milky white fleks of crystal that are excreted by the Grom crab and help build a connection to its god, Murg. The location of this mound can be anywhere the GM chooses. It will be outside the school, beyond the range of protective enchantments and sensitive students. Building it requires Alia to leave the school regularly. This is not unusual but she will be carrying a bag containing slabs of gore and organs.


The characters should be able to identity Alia as the evildoer and dispose of the Grom crab, whilst avoiding being killed by the lethal Groth or becoming the next host for these monstrous parasites.

Disposing of Alia and the Grom should be rewarded with 1d20 COOL points.

The characters may also discover and expose the abusive activities of the Cabal; however, they will need to tread lightly on response as the faculty members involved are powerful sorcerers and could cause serious issues for fledgling characters.

Somehow stopping the abuse should be rewarded with 1d10 COOL points and +3 to a subsequent Hero Rank roll.

Characters should continue with their magickal studies, if possible – or leave the school under a cloud, or preferably with a note of commendation and recommendation from Madaline Grice.

Stopping Madaline Grice from being murdered / taken-over by the Grom is rewarded with 1d3 COOL points.

# # #

Read about the insidious nature of the Grom Groth Murg and how the infiltrate human society and survivors after the apocalyptic event known as Yellow Dawn.


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