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| dialling in from Brigstow Lounge |

What a treat. Friday morning and the dreary weather has been swept away to be replaced by yet another day of gorgeous autumn sunlight. I’ve come down to the harbour to write. Empty blue bowl of the sky above me and a crisp breeze that doesn’t dent the warmth of the sun. Cooked breakfast at Brigstow Lounge, and now I am sitting outside with strong coffee and a view of the harbour’s heart ahead of me. Just the edge of a hangover from last night; saw Jules Holland with Ruby Turner and Marc Almond doing Rhythm and Blues.

Best cooked breakfast in Bristol top cafe Brigstow Lounge - image of poached eggs on mushrooms, grilled tomatos and bacon - photo David J Rodger

Epic start to the day – Image: DJR

I had one of those magical moments on Wednesday. Any writer will know what I mean.  I have the start of a book and a collection of interesting characters with rough lines of where the plot could go, but no defined direction.


I’d already done one walk around the harbour here, 3 miles and was tempted to just head back home and get down to working in my Sky Bunker. But something nudged me to do another 3 miles. The extra mileage was enough to trance my mind out. Thoughts became slippery and mercurial, ideas formed, shaped, and re-shaped until abruptly it came to me. The big picture. The overall plot, start through to finish.  I needed an extra character.  New tensions and the option for collaboration or betrayal. Bingo.  Went to the Brigstow Lounge and mapped it out in rough notes.


Thursday, yesterday, was a write-off. Hangover from the aftermath of doing a performance at a reading gig in Bristol Weds night… craft ales, deadly.  I told the Arnos Vale again. People digging up graves in the cemetery…. Love telling that story. Especially observing the faces of the audience and their reaction as the story evolves.


Today’s focus is picking up with CoW (Camaraderie of Wolves) as I continue to work  through my original hand scribbled notes from 2 years ago and transpose them into a list of bullet points that actually map out the plot, start to finish, twists, turns and closures.


The aim is to get this finished in new few weeks then do the same again with Rise of the Iconoclast. That would leave me sitting on 4 novels ready to start writing next year, ideally with all the heavy-thinking done. Just need to work through each point and flesh it out.  Also need to get down to editing the novel I finished writing back in June. Oakfield. Just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day – or night (0)(-)

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2 thoughts on “WIP: CoW

  1. sounds like you have had a really positive week. I must say reading this uplifts my soul, its great to see nice people enjoy what they do and succeed. The weather is howling down here near St ives its rather noisy.

  2. Hey fella, thanks for the lovely feedback. Glad the posts are uplifting. Yeah saw the weather forecast had your neck of the woods covered in squally storm front. Shame, but I think it heads North and East later today… so maybe you’ll get to see the sun after all. Where are you at creativity wise?

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