Walking with Dead Parents

Rewind Time & Stand Alongside The Man and Woman Who Brought You Into This World

Today is Remembrance day.  Five years ago this morning, I was crouching down beside my mother, holding her hand that was still warm.  She had just died.

The sun was cresting the horizon. Cold rainy light began spilling into the bedroom.  Later, bold and intense rainbows would dominate the sky.

Periodically, I have profound moments of feeling either my mother or my father being with me.  I had a waking vision of my mum only days after she died, riding the train with me.  My father sometimes takes my hand when I am walking.  This might sound strange.  And maybe it is just a way my brain processes the emotions – the echoes of the pain that fades but never really goes away. The sense of missing somebody who has gone.

Recently, walking around the harbour in Bristol, I had an especially vivid moment with both of them. A piece of music came on my headphones via random, from the Vangelis album 1492:



Abruptly I found both my parents gliding alongside me. Both of them young. Happy. Smiling at me. Maybe because for once they were actually able to keep up with my long loping stride!

So, here they are, as they used to be – and still are, somewhere in the flow of Time. :o)





If you’ve lost somebody close to you. My thoughts are with you today. And I say this… think of them as being there with you now. Even if this is just your imagination, through the magic of the Universe, even imagination can become reality.  Make it positive, despite the pain… the pain fades, the memory of them doesn’t have to.

# # #


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