WIP: CoW – cracking the kernel

Work in Progress

Started to map out another novel (3rd in last few weeks) now that I seem to be in a flow and have a bunch of raw notes on paper to work from.  Camaraderie of Wolves  is going to be a new addition to the Yellow Dawn / Post-Apocalyptic collection.

This didn’t go so well at first. Got a chunk of paper notes but the essential core of the plot, the kernel that everything will spill from wasn’t there.  And my head just wasn’t playing ball end of last week. No fresh ideas. Just a dull lack of anything. Time for a break and switch off the brain. This worked! A weekend focused on physical things rather than thinking about ideas all the time. A lot of fun, some bullets dodged. Didn’t get out of bed on Sunday until 11 A.M. – me, Mr Polyphasic, Mr 4 in the morning starts, had a lie-in. Unheard of.

And blissful.

Also walked 15 miles.  1,500 calories and several hours of being in a trance-like state where you almost lose awareness of the fact your body is moving.

Cracked it this morning, walking around edge of harbour towards my favourite new hangout, Brigstow Lounge. So now I have a start point: characters who have the desire to give consumers (wealthy survivors) a vivid experience of the Dead Zone (where sane and wealthy people who never want to tread) whilst greedy corporate execs lie about risks…

Just written up the notes. Chagrin has shifted into cheery delight.

# # #


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