Looking for the best cooked breakfast in Bristol? Come down to Brigstow Lounge on the harbour

Brigstow Lounge. The best cooked breakfast with great atmosphere and coffee to boot.

Best cooked breakfast in Bristol  top cafe Brigstow Lounge - image of poached eggs on mushrooms, grilled tomatos and bacon - photo David J Rodger

Looking for the Best Cooked Breakfast in Bristol? Brigstow Lounge on Bristol Harbour – Image: DJR

BRIGSTOW LOUNGE. Situated on the edge of the water along the rim of Bristol Harbour, opposite the SS Great Britain, near Hotwells road.  It’s only been in existence since August 2014 and is rapidly gaining traction amongst folks who know what a good cafe should offer.  Brigstow lounge does it in diamonds.  As such, it exists as something of a hidden gem, tucked away on my harbour walk, serving up lovely coffee, incredible food and fine wine.  Natasha, co-owner and the entrepreneurial force driving the business as a success, has hand-picked her chefs, one of which is there at any time, ready to conjure up wonderful food; breakfast, lunch, cakes and pastries or late afternoon meals.

Best cafe in Bristol for coffee and food Brigstow Lounge on Harbour

Brigstow Lounge – image: DJR

Brigstow Lounge Bristol amazing atmosphere outside and in - sit and gaze into heart of historic harbour

Brigstow Lounge – enjoy views into the heart of Bristol’s Historic Harbour – Image: DJR

Right now they’re doing mulled cider with pulled pork baps. Christmas has come early.

My favourites there are the humble croissant. Warmed up and served on a slate slab with jam and butter. And the epic best cooked breakfast in Bristol.  It’s like a full English without the stodge. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE buttered toast and beans and hash browns and black pudding and sausages… but the Brigstow’s take on the cooked breakfast is poached eggs, bacon, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes, made to perfection and leaving you feel satisfied and happy, rather than slumped with energy drain whilst your stomach robs vital processing energy from your brain.  But you should come down and explore the rest of the menu which has been evolving steadily and includes some absolute treats.

Where can you find food and coffee that really hits the spot at 7.30 in the morning?


If you’re only heading to work; preparing for an important business meeting; or a creative with an early rise function like me, then get yourself to the Brigstow any day of the week and treat yourself to the kind of start that puts you in a winning frame of mind.

They open 7.30 A.M. Monday to Friday, and at 9 AM on Saturday and Sunday.
They close 5.30 PM except for Thursday and Friday evenings when they stay open until 7.30 PM to give you space to unwind.

David J Rodger working on two new novels Broken Fury and Sunder Gloom at Brigstow Lounge Bristol

David J Rodger working on new novels

What’s really special for me about the Brigstow is the location. It is situated in a part of Bristol I chose as the start of my first published novel, God Seed, which I wrote back in 1996 but actually mapped out in 1994. Twenty years ago. Back then this whole stretch of harbourside was derelict gas works and industrial buildings, bombed-out shells left over from World War II and German aerial raids. God Seed is set in the future, a not too-distant future, and so back in 1994 I envisaged the area would be redeveloped (no brainer) but that the anachronistic yet very beautiful sandstone wall that forms an S-shaped alley linking the main road to the waterside, would be preserved and left intact. And this is exactly what has happened. Yay for happy coincidences!  I wasn’t 100% right however, as I need the remaining undeveloped building to be turned into a car park… but the future is still uncertain right, and anything can happen.

Brigstow Lounge is situated on Millennium Promenade, Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 5AD

Hiding from the rain in Brigstow Lounge - first class service and great food combine to provide a storm of delight

Hiding from the rain in Brigstow Lounge


Read this spotlight on the epic novel God Seed, and buy the book – you could be missing out

David J Rodger – DATA



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