Personal Blog: stuffing stuff in like an overpacked manbag, Mad Hatter mode. No Time!

Dialing in from the Arnolfini Cafe

Mad Hatter Mode. No time! No time!

Busy morning. Was in town at 7.30 A.M. at my new favourite hangout, The Brigstow Lounge, a cafe that does the best cooked breakfast in Bristol. Writing up blog posts to use later this week, some for the personal pleasure of exploring ideas with words, others that document the recent zombie walk – Halloween night I had in Bristol (amazing), and the Small Stories event I participated in, where some great talent from Bristol’s writing scene read out their work to a captivated audience: I performed my story, delivering it with eye-contact rather than looking down at a script in my hand, and reckon I nailed it.

Right now I’m supping my 3rd Americano of the day, having just walked 6 miles around the harbour to burn off energy and mull through all the ideas bubbling inside my skull. I have an afternoon of PR, Marketing, REVAC (Review & Action previous marketing notes) and NUFAN (which is seeking out ways to grow my fan-base outside of existing circles). It’s a lot of work and I have to do it every day.

Add to this the backlog of travel photos; working on new novel ideas; building up my skill in tarot cards as I do more and more public readings; running a weekly RPG session for Yellow Dawn; and the approaching start of my delve into oil painting (pending my tutor confirming)… I find myself with massive cascading collisions of projects. I am unable to do all of this as I want to. Like an Air Traffic Controller, I am having to marshal all of these things into a semblance of order and arrange when and where each one can come down into my work focus, remain in holding patterns or fly off into completion.

I’ve yet to start editing and preparing my 9th novel (Oakfield) ready for launch. And I’ve not actually done any writing – just mapping out ideas – since June. It means that when I do, the PR + Marketing is going to get chopped right back. Balancing the act of creating new content, with the need to promote and sell previous content. Always a tough one.

Right, enough waffle. Time to head back home and clamber up into the Sky Bunker before the rain comes down heavy again.

Mad Hatter mode. No time! No time! No time!

CREDIT: Featured hero image – Mad Hatter Project submitted to Reddit by Breathless.

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