Dark Art: H.P.Lovecraft, portrait of a tormented talent

Reflections of the Mythos

Macabre horror art - Portrait of H P Lovecraft - Arkham Asylum by moracz - deviantart - all rights reserved

H.P.Lovecraft by MOracz – all rights reserved

Great image by MOracz. Slack-jawed madness. A man surrounded by the horrors his imagination as brought bullishly into existence.  Who knows how these can be cast back from whence they came? Perhaps they can’t? Perhaps these monsters are now here to stay?  MOracz’s image captures a good likeness of the American author who conceived of a monstrous, alien truth underlying human existence, and perhaps even reality itself. Cosmic psychological horror.  The man suffered illness and poverty throughout his life.  Yet he is now regarded as one of the most significant writers of the 20th century in this genre.  Numerous writers and creatives have since been inspired by and even added to H.P. Lovecraft’s canon of work. If you’re new to Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos, then I’d love to recommend Haunter of the Dark as a great place to start; very accessible reading (or try the audio narration included in the link above) and a wonderful mood and presence of invisible menace.

If you’re already a fan of the Mythos, then you may be interested in my own weave within this expansive fabric.

  • God Seedinvolves Nyarlathotep
  • EDGE introduces a new Great Old One
  • Living in Flamesintroduces a new Great Old One (Jy’kalud and the gruesome cult that worship it)
  • Dog Eat Doga subtle Mythos presence that surges up within  the story to introduce a horrific new Mythos entity.
  • The Black Lakea pure, distilled and refined dose of the Cthulhu Mythos. Encounter the Influence of Hastur in this post-apocalyptic tale of scientific discovery and terror


“I have just finished reading The Black Lake and felt a compulsion to write and tell you how good it was.  I personally think you captured the mythos perfectly and Lovecraft would have been either proud or slightly jealous :) although old Howard would have had M_____ find [….]  dead with a just a journal as testament to what went on but if I’m honest I preferred your […] ending as I sometimes find Lovecraft’s tales unfinished. “



“I became interested in your Yellow Dawn setting, and decided to purchase Dog Eat Dog. Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I thought it was a FANTASTIC read. I’m really looking forward to the Yellow Dawn setting book arriving in a couple of days, and giving the setting a run.”



“Dog Eat Dog: probably the best sci-fi I’ve read in 10 years!”



“The Black Lake: Atmospheric & Creepy!”




MYTHOS FAN? I suggested Haunter of the Dark.  Which of Lovecraft’s stories would you recommend somebody start with and why? Use the comment section below…


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5 thoughts on “Dark Art: H.P.Lovecraft, portrait of a tormented talent

    • Batman, yes, I like the way Arkham has been woven into that genre. But more specifically Arkham is a wonderful aspect of H.P.Lovecraft’s work and imagination. And I suppose also comes from shadows of his real life. He first mentions Arkham Sanitarium in the classic and deeply chilling tale, “The Thing on the Doorstep” (1933).

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