WIP: Sunder Gloom – finally an ending that holds up to fire

Work in Progress

Nailed it!
Yesterday was another day necking coffee and squeezing my brain dry of creative juices. Then met up with Rob C (one of the original Yellow Dawn players from back in 2007) at the Arnolfini Cafe and I walked him through the final showdown. Drew some interesting diagrams on sheets of paper, stick figures and a list of “ingredients”… people, items, mythos things… and then brainstormed different ways to wrap it up.

What was really interesting was how Massimo Pandev’s character really came through as a set of behaviours and attitudes that once again dictated the way the story should go – and be concluded.

More cocktails later… Vodka Martini, dry and dirty…

Home with the trace of hangover whispering through the dehydrated corridors of my head I pinged awake at silly o’clock and had this epiphany of how to described Massimo Pandev and how to summarise his character in bullet points.  He’s quickly becoming a very real person in my head, very much looking forward to spending time with him  once I get down to actually writing the books (Broken Fury, Sunder Gloom) – probably 2015 and 2016.

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