Dead + Infected mob Bristol streets in night of madness…time enough for a drink

Bristol, 31st October 2014

Probably one of the best Halloween nights out since my good mate Vega$ hosted the incredible gore party of 1998.  Here’s a collection of images I took on the night.

David J Rodger 1998

David J Rodger 1998

The zombie walk kicked off at 6pm. Good fun as always. If you’ve never taken part in one of these I highly recommend it as an experience. Step outside of your normal state of mind. Become part of a slowly shambling mob that stretches out and takes over every street it enters.  Cars and buses trying to get through abruptly find themselves swamped by hundreds of human bodies dressed as the undead or other monstrous things.  Bloodied hands leave smears across windshields and windows. Occasionally, the mob will start to rock a particular vehicle…because they can, and because it is sort of expected. It’s tolerated anarchy.  And it feels good.

Killer Clown at Bristol Zombie Walk 2014 - David J Rodger

David J Rodger 2014

I Heart Zombies and Zombie Business - skinless businessman grins for camera

The Skinless One – I Heart Zombies

zombie with a frisbee embedded in his face

Simon Pegg had run out of rare vinyl

The Undead Party On - David J Rodger

Party On, Dead!

Mummy attacks kids - Bristol Zombie Walk 2014

The Mummy with kids

X Factor of the Living Dead Photo David J Rodger

X Factor of the Living Dead

Close-up of 2nd Stage Infected from Yellow Dawn The Age of Hastur - photo by David J Rodger

2nd Stage Infected: Yellow Dawn

Spectators, locals and tourists caught up in the milieu stand around taking photos, smiling, chuckling nervously when the creatures they are pointing cameras at suddenly lurch towards them, engaged, actively interested in THEM.

Hagen Landsem prepares to photograph Infected on the streets of Bristol

Hagen Landsem prepares to photograph Infected on the streets of Bristol

Spectators discover they are not invisible observers but now potential victims to the unfolding horror. It’s an edgy vibe that grows as the alcohol flows and the zombies and other monsters become more boisterous, probing the boundaries of what is acceptable… for anarchy.

Killer Clown on the streets of Bristol - David J Rodger

Killer Clown

I was dressed as a killer clown. Had a fun walk in the park….



A few of us did a small mission to Harvey Nichols, of course, where I think the staff initially thought we were there to rob the place…

Cocktail waitress surprised by killer clown - Vicki, Djr - Harvey Nichols 2nd Floor Bar Bristol

Cocktail waitress with Killer Clown

Thomas D Parker enjoys a zombie cocktail with some kind of weird-looking friend what IS that supposed to be

Thomas D Parker with zombie cocktail and… friend?

Finally ended up at the Small Bar with just Thomas D Parker (Gothic horror writer) and my good friend Andy (aka Dr Nano – a fellow of nanotechnology). He settled into a leather wing-back chair whilst Thomas and I, fuelled on cocktails, beer and adrenaline, regaled him with tales of terror.  At the end of the night Andy declared it was the best Halloween he’d ever had, “How lucky am I to have two horror writers sat here telling me stories into the witching hour!”

Spooky Photography - David J Rodger Killer Clown - Halloween in England 2014

David J Rodger, Halloween 2014

Dr Andy Collins spends Halloween with two horror writers telling him spooky stories

Dr Andy Collins gets into Halloween mode

I met Andy a couple of years ago by pure random chance. Serendipity. I was on my own and took part in 2.8 HOURS LATER. He was there with a bunch of mates and I was assigned to their team. The rest as they say is history. He’s become a great friend and having first hand experience of latest developments in nanotechnology I was very pleased when he praised the nanomech concept I introduced into the novel THE BLACK LAKE.


LIVING IN FLAMES: A Cosmic Horror is Slithering up from Beneath Bristol’s Streets…

Don’t miss out on this nerve-shredding horror story set in Bristol, by David J Rodger!  Click here to learn more…


David J Rodger wears a UTOC Public Safety Notice T-Shirt with Vodka Martini Dry and Dirty at Harvey Nichols 2nd Floor Bar Bristol



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