WIP: Sunder Gloom – wrestling with plot threads

Work in Progress

Deep into mapping out the whole plot structure of Sunder Gloom. Sequel to Living in Flames. Using bullet points so I can quickly grasp the entire novel and move things around without dumping chunks of valuable narrative.  Thought I had it nailed yesterday. But met up with Doc Toc, man with a mind, in a cocktail bar last night and riffed the ending off him… and it just broke into pieces. #Fail. A useful experience. Worth the hangover.

Also, strangely, woke up at 2 a.m. with Massimo Pandev, the main character, in my mind basically complaining about the direction I was trying to take the ending. I’ve had this happen before. A character gets so much mental energy it almost becomes real and starts to dictate the direction of the plot.

Part-way to insanity…

Today’s been dominated by it.Sheets of A3 paper and rapidly scribbled notes, things circled, lines drawn to connect this bit to that bit… then a partial walk of the harbour. Another cafe. Bingo. Almost have it…

Surprising how stressful this part can be.  Suddenly you find yourself doubting everything. Your ability to craft plots that keep a reader engaged and turning pages.  It will pass. I’ve been here many times before.

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3 thoughts on “WIP: Sunder Gloom – wrestling with plot threads

  1. Oh man, when inspiration strikes one can never be prepared enough. Im the same with writing and music. Sometimes I can be anywhere and BOOM and Im frantically looking for pen and paper. Although, I have told myself not to concentrate on any other ideas until the novel is finished.

    • Hey fella. Yeah no lack of inspiration. Quite the opposite. It’s the bit of extra concentration required to push through a complex plot conundrum… with so many options, which way do you take the story? Or in this particular case, how best to end it? How far are you from finishing your book?

      • And there is the million dollar question. I reckon 60k to go but I have a feeling it may be more and then comes the “killing of darlings” to paraphrase Faulkner. When it comes to sticking to plot Im Tangent-Man! :)

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