Brilliant feedback on Lovecraftian horror novel: The Black Lake

L  D Simpson Writes his Views on my novel The Black Lake

Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 20:28:57 +0100
From: ldsimpson@XXXXX
Subject: re The Black Lake
To: XXXXXX@xxxxxxx

I have just finished reading The Black Lake and felt a compulsion to write and tell you how good it was.  I personally think you captured the mythos perfectly and Lovecraft would have been either proud or slightly jealous :) although old Howard would have had M_____ find [….]  dead with a just a journal as testament to what went on but if I’m honest I preferred your […] ending as I sometimes find Lovecraft’s tales unfinished.  
# # #
The Black Lake by David J Rodger a science fiction dark fantasy horror story that blends post-apocalypse with Cthulhu Mythos.
Short and sweet. I removed spoilers with use of […]
You can read a spotlight on The Black Lake here (click to read). Don’t forget that LULU are offering 15% discount on this book – and all my other work – today and tomorrow (31st Oct) with coupon code HALLOWEEN at checkout.
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