WIP: Writing novels in bullet points, new covers, public appearances ahead

Work in Progress

Last update like this was back in May. That was to focus on writing a short story for the Dark Tale’s Anthology, being launched soon to flesh out the universe of Achtung Cthulhu! My story’s called Shadow of the Black Sun.  Press release here. I’ll be attending Dragonmeet in London, in December, as part of the launch PR.

It’s been a very interesting few months.  June I finished my ninth novel, Oakfield – a horror story set in a remote town in Cornwall (England). Heavy flavours of H.P.Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos – in keeping with God Seed, Living in Flames and The Black Lake. Planning to start proofing and editorial next month with a view to releasing it for publication early 2015.

Since June, I’ve been on sabbatical and most of that has been taken up with travelling or just having down time.  I came back with a bunch of new short story ideas: Crisis in Kotor; Dark on Fire; Krag 1945; Madness of Mostar; Secret of Vodice; The Citadel and The Howling Key.  They’ve all needed writing up so they could be filed away and be preserved, ready to work on when taken out again.  No idea when that will be but I have 40,000 words of a new short story collection already written (14 short stories in 6 weeks, last October / November).  If you’re into short stories, take a peek at my first collection Songs of Spheres (Paperback via LULU/or / Amazon Kindle).

This month saw me complete a thorough outline of the next novel, Broken Fury, in bullet point form – very good way of getting a novel idea down and working through problems without throwing away large chunks of narrative.  On a roll with this, I’m now doing the same with novel #11 Sunder Gloom and planning to then work through Rise of the Iconoclast and Camaraderie of Wolves.  If I manage it before my sabbatical comes to an end, then I’ll have a good stock of novels more-or-less ready to write.

Talking of novels. I’ve just completed an overhaul of all my covers after commissioning Ben from London design consultancy duo The Sprezz to give my work a new look and a consistent brand.  I’ll be writing a post about this soon.  It’s put me in a great position to be able to promote the entire collection, as well as individual books – which will look fab on any collector’s book shelf.

Apart from Dragonmeet in December, I’m planning on taking part in a reading at Bristol’s Small Stories event on the historic King’s Street next week. More on that as the gig takes shape – but keep Monday 3rd November free if you’re in the city and want to listen to some excellent writers read their wares.

That’s it.

Featured hero image – artist unknown, please advise and I’ll credit.

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