Movember Meets Halloween – Meet Mister Victoriana: Murderer, Occultist and Moustache Maker

What happens when a very selective murderer scalps the facial hair of his male victims? It becomes an art form…

Movember meets Halloween spooky sinister Mr Victoriana based on clay and Instamorph mask - created by A Little Art (WordPress)

Mr Victoriana – Kills for his art

If you’re thinking of growing your facial hair for this year’s Movember – a worthwhile activity based on changing the face of men’s health, keep your wits about you as you walk streets of Bristol, Newcastle or London after dark.  This year could be when Halloween spills like blood into the month where moustaches and beards are meant to be the focus of conversation.  Mr Victoriana is on the prowl and he likes to wear what he takes… clothing, patches of skin and even your hair.

An acolyte of Nyarlathotep’s Skinless One or a master of the techniques used to harvest energy from anxious screams and agonised shudders of those he kills, no one yet knows.  The police forces involved refuse to acknowledge the case exists. Private investigator Karl Hastings came close to exposing the truth but vanished in a last gasp of terror, shrouded in fog one night amongst the gravestones at Arnos Vale. Mr Victoriana is out there.  So this Halloween and in the weeks beyond, take care, stay safe, beware.

CREDITS: Image via WordPress Blog “A Little Art


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