Updating novel covers continues with Living in Flames

My fifth novel Living in Flames goes through The Sprezz treatment: a fast and brutal tale of terror that bubbles up from beneath the streets of Bristol

Following on from the first updates with God Seed, Dante’s Fool, Iron Man Project and EDGE; Ben from London design consultancy duo The Sprezz has focused his talent on my fifth novel Living in Flames. I originally wrote this in 1997 as a film script, directly after finishing God Seed (1996).  It even had a couple of actors backing it and touting it around London but the opportunity never got the funding it needed. So in 2012 I turned it into a novel which has done exceptionally well since the launch.  If you’re interested in H.P.Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos, this novel introduces a new Great Old One into the pantheon of monstrous entities – and the cult that worship it.

This is the new cover.

Living in Flames a science fiction dark fantasy novel set in Bristol expanding the cosmic horror of the Cthulhu Mythos by David J Rodger

Available in paperback and Kindle format



Available to buy in paperback from LULU Global

Available to buy in paperback from Amazon UK ¦ USA ¦ DE

Available to buy on Kindle UK ¦ USA ¦ DE


More to follow over coming days…

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