Creativity is just a sip away

Coffee, my God, the synapses were stuttering and my words draining away until that first sip… now I feel like my mind is flying on the wings of Thoth, Hermes and Nyarlathotep

creativity is just a sip away - black and white photoshop image coffee cup for artists and writers

Creativity is just a sip away

Busy morning, thank you to my octagonal stove-top coffee pot!  Working on final plot notes for Broken Fury and mapping out plot points for Sunder Gloom (sequel to the nerve-shredding Bristol-based horror story Living in Flames), which sees the unfinished vestiges of that subterranean terror come spilling back across the city with devastating consequences.

Coffee for the mind, controversy, snobbery and espionage – freedom of thought – click

David J Rodger – DATA




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