Dieselpunk Art: Soviet Retro Ultralight by s2ka

Leonardo M Giron – aka s2ka – from the Philippines has nailed a wonderful dieselpunk style

Dieselpunk art soviet retro ultralight by s2ka on DeviantArt - All Rights Reserved

Soviet Retro Ultralight by s2ka – all rights reserved

Great piece of artwork. Imagine the thrill (edged with terror) of clinging onto this contraption as you plunge out of the sky towards target.  You should certainly check out his gallery on DeviantArt for more dieselpunk concepts, in addition to some great manga / cyberpunk pieces.  S2KA is available for commissions, so look him up if you’re an art director looking for high-quality material.

If you’re a fan of dieselpunk with a wisp of dark fantasy trailing through the story, check out the fiction work emerging from the folks at Achtung! Cthulhu. It’s a role-playing game system based around Call of Cthulhu but they’re now expanding the universe through short stories.  More details via their official press release.


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