Updating novel covers continues with Iron Man Project

My third novel Iron Man Project gets The Sprezz treatment: a sharp step away from Dark Fantasy and the Cthulhu Mythos

Following on from the first updates with God Seed and Dante’s Fool, Ben from London design consultancy duo The Sprezz has focused his talent on a novel that has nothing to do with horror, and everything to do with the drama of human greed and the dilemma of loyalty over conscience.  Iron Man Project is a spectacular story, tight, punchy and packed with action; it hosts five main characters within the tight framework of the plot – all of whom are fighting to achieve their desires… but at what cost?  If you’re intrigued by the buzz about my work but don’t like horror, mythos monsters or demons, then Iron Man Project is the perfect story for you to try.  Guns, guts and greed.  You’ll love it.

This is the new cover.

Iron Man Project a science fiction cyberpunk thriller by David J Rodger

Available in paperback and Kindle format

More to follow over coming days…

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