Personal Blog: Freedom in 3-Dimensions

Planes, Games and Book Covers

David J Rodger science fiction thriller Dark Fantasy author at controls of Cessna 152

Djr in a Cessna 152

This was an amazing experience. Took control of a Cessna 152 with an instructor. He got it airborne and took me south,over Exeter International Airport, with the chatter of ATC, then over Exmouth before swinging north to hug the coastline. Gave me the controls. Surprised by strength of disorientation when you bank over.  My first experience.  Got feel for it. Instructor ex-military and a great bloke.  I asked if I could do a sweeping dive and turn. He grinned and nodded: go for it.

I played with the machine. Climbing, dipping, sweeping, banking, curving, diving. Whoooooo!!!

The freedom and exhilaration is profound.  The idea you can point the machine in almost any direction and just go.  Freedom in 3-dimensions! The way you swivel and bounce as you ride the air.  The surges of blood with G-force… and this was just a small plane!  Really good experience for my writing.

Instructor helped me navigate back to airfield, then adjusted my trim and flaps and talked me through the approach to the airfield… before I knew it I was lined up and coming down. He kept talking me through, calm, confident: “pull back a little… a little more… a little more… that’s it, that’s it…”

So I landed. Unreal!

I was beaming for the rest of the day! Drove over to Dartmoor with my lady and we did an easy 6 mile hike across the moors and a couple of Tors. Very intense Hound of the Baskerville’s vibe. Ended up at that fab little pub in the middle of nowhere – Warren House Inn – with wood smoke and jugs of real ale.

Yesterday saw me finally finish transcribing the hand-written notes for all the short story ideas I had whilst out in Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Malta and Sicily (September was dominated by being away from England). One of them, Dark on Fire, has got me really excited – I’m very much looking forward to writing it up properly. It’s the first tale to start expanding Dragomir, the next evolution of the Yellow Dawn universe.  You may be aware that Yellow Dawn is based on the common universe shared by all my novels (thrillers set in the near-future; sci-fi cyberpunk), but it is now 10 years after an apocalyptic event has left Earth devastated. Dragomir takes that setting a further 10,000 years further into the future. Very much Dark Fantasy.   Dark on Fire has a young boy, part of a tribe that has survived on the rocky crag of Castelmola in Sicily, discovering a relic of the Old World.  Chaos ensues…

God Seed a dark science fiction fantasy novel that blends Cyperpunk with Cthulhu Mythos by David J Rodger

Dantes Fool a supernatural science fiction crime thriller novel by David J Rodger

I’ve just posted a note about the new covers for my novels. I commissioned Ben from the London design consultancy duo The Sprezz to come up with a new and consistent brand for all my work. I am insanely pleased by the result.  My first novel God Seed, and the occult crime-thriller Dante’s Fool are the first to get the star make-over treatment. Read the post here.

That’s it!

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