Interview with the author Matt Mayevsky

Matt Mayevsky, Berlin-based foresight analyst, economist, and author reveals his desires about women and science fiction

Fantasy is a woman by Matt Mayevsky

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DJR: Sex and Science Fiction. What’s your story Matt?

MM:  I have always been interested in science fiction and women, not necessarily in the same order. But on a more serious tone, I’m trying to create a unique literary recipe. Sci-fi as a peculiar mixture of genres signed my name.


DJR: As a collection of short stories, would you say “Fantasy is a Woman” delivers this mix?

MM: Yes. To tell the truth I did not plan writing short stories. Besides, my core business is primarily strategic foresight and, consequently, the publication of books on the subject. Sci-fi is a complement to, or escape to the freedom to create without rigid scientific rigor that applies to economic literature. With sci-fi I wanted and still dream of writing a best-selling dystopian book. But life has corrected my script. The first book is a consequence of my saturation by business online, which I took earlier. The original title of “Animal eFiction” was “The Chronicles of Social Networks.”  It’s a humorous piece of work where I describe the story of Frank Frog looking for his business success and instead finding his love. In turn, my second book, “The Men” was the result of my experiences with online dating. I was filled to the brim with thoughts about women from the internet and I had to throw it out from myself. Only “Homosexocracy” was my first attempt to deal with the concept of dystopia. But “Fantasy is a Woman” is sci-fi with a woman / women in the key role.


DJR: So do you think you place women on a pedestal?

MM: I have always believed that women are stronger species and they are able to survive almost everything. Men have a tough skin, but weaker psyche. Maybe I am generalising but I feeling that testosterone is on the defensive in the modern world.


DJR: So would you say you write sci-fi about women … for women?

MM: From the point of view of the commercial it would be easiest to say so. Women dominate the readership market and they are definitely a better target audience. However, I do not want to narrow my publications only to the female readers. I just think that a woman is a better material for the key sci-fi hero. Women are more interesting, more colorful, and with much more range for subtlety.  As for the men… predictable, mono-thematic, schematically thinking.

DJR: Who inspires you?

MM: Ridley Scott’s “Alien” was probably the biggest influence on me. I remember the first time I watched this film in a small theater in a small town. I even remember the smell of theater, fear and also the excitement of this film. It was amazing. The story, special effects and excellent role then very young Sigourney Weaver. The effect of staggering. If I were to indicate the point at which I became interested in sci-fi that would be it is this day, in which I watched the “Alien”. Maybe that’s why I offer women the most interesting roles in my novels and short stories.

DJR: So do you see “Fantasy is a Woman” as a stop on the way to another dystopian book and the beginning of a flirtation with short stories?

MM: Good question. And one and the other. The first short story (thirty-two pages) I wrote when I was twelve… my second and subsequent short story I wrote thirty years later!  Admittedly I was thinking about writing a book before, but I was afraid of the challenge. I thought that this is a job for wimps and will cut me from the charm of real life. For 12 years I wanted to be a priest, after 12 years of life I wanted to be a soldier. (Not bad dispersion, is it?) And later, while studying, I discovered that what most turns me on is being an entrepreneur. But somewhere in me smoulders the spark of the author. Two times I tried to write a diary, and burned twice what I wrote after a few months. In high school, I wrote poems on mathematics lessons. During my studies I tried my hand as a journalist. And then I was stuck for several long years with an unfinished doctorate. The funniest thing in all this is that the effects of most of my writing I felt on online dating sites. I wrote a blog there, which had its peak of 100,000 hits per day. I was seduced by words.

DJR: And now you use words to seduce readers?

MM: It’s definitely a difficult challenge. Dating is a one-to-one communication, where the recipient and sender are both aware of each other. In the case of books I do not know the recipient. Besides, it is not a direct transfer, I tell the story. I have come up with a plot, characters That will engage the reader to my world of imagination. The decisive factor is the invitation and the reaction of the reader.

DJR: What is the next step after “Fantasy is a Woman”?

MM: A book about control the future, or “Engineering of Strategic Foresight”. That is my priority for the coming months. I’m working on this issue for a long time and I’m going to write this book by the end of this year. I am also working on new short stories. And I gather materials for my new novel about a post-human. I’m planning a trilogy, but written non-chronologically. I hope that I can publish the first part of 2015.


DJR: And the main character will be a woman?

MM: Most likely, yes. I can not imagine life, even post-human world without women.


About the Author

Matt Mayevsky

Matt Mayevsky

Matt Mayevsky, a foresight analyst, economist, author, particularly involved in the field of strategic foresight at the micro (enterprise architecture) and macro (reshaping of the market, the transformation of the system) level. The aim of his research is to discover the formulas of shaping the change, as well as the diagnosis of the importance and power of influence of probable events in the scenario analysis. In his works, he also deals with the identification of multi-dimensional effects caused by planned, strategic decisions in the 4P dimension (plausible, probable, preferable, possible).

The author of non-fiction books, including “The Clouds Economy” (Chiron Academic Press – Sweden). As a SF writer, he has published, among others, dystopian novel “Homosexocracy” and a cyber romance “The Man Who Wanted to Understand Woman”.

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