Personal blog: back from the ‘Dam

Winding down the travel

Just got back from a few days in Amsterdam. And rather than feeling displaced and disconnected from my reality – like I was last week when I got back from a much bigger trip (Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Malta and Sicily), this time I am feeling blissfully chilled.  I’ve got Pink Floyd playing on repeat on my headphones and an easy smile curving my lips.

I met up with a really special friend over in the ‘Dam. Richy, from my home town of Newcastle; he and  I have known each other since we were both 6. That’s 38 years of friendship and shared experiences.  He’s started working on an auto biography since his mum died.  This is a man who lived in 64 different places before he was 18. He’s had quite an extra-ordinary life. In fact, as I said to him this weekend, “it’s a bit of a miracle you’re still alive.” Anyway, I read through the initial notes he’s fleshed out and was blown away by the emotional power of his story. So I’ve signed up to ghost write the book for him once he’s finished laying down the raw notes.  It’ll be a big shift for me, stepping away from fiction to write something real – but parts of his story intersect mine so I feel deeply connected to the project.

I’ve come back to the final set of new covers from the designer (The Sprezz) who has been working on a massive overhaul of all my book jackets. I’m planning to start implementing them later this week, will be posting updates as I go. So watch this space.

It’s been an epic year for travelling.  I’ve been through some fantastic locations and picked up amazing visuals and locations for setting fiction scenes within. That’s probably one of the best things about travelling: the slam and click of new visuals locking into your sensorium.  But I reckon it’s time to start winding down the travels for a bit and focus on the actual task of writing.  Got a lot of work coming through.

That’s it.


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