Personal blog: Dimensional Jet lag

Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Malta and Sicily

Surreal time. Couple days ago I woke up in my own bed for the first time in several weeks and didn’t know where I was. Didn’t know who I was. Dimensional jet lag. Too many places in a short period of time.  Flew out to Croatia end of August. Travelled down through Bosnia, back into Croatia (Dubrovnik) and into Montenegro before a 4 a.m. start to get back to Split in time for a flight back to UK. 3 days at home before another flight, this time to Malta (Gozo Island) then short hop to Sicily (Taormina).  Now I am back and discombobulated.  But also chilled.  No structure to my days at the moment. A rare treat.



Currently writing up a bunch of short story ideas I have come back with… transposing pen and paper notes onto electronic format so I can file them away and come back at some distant point in time. Madness of Mostar; Secret of Vodice; The Citadel; Crisis in Kotor; Krag 1945; Dark on Fire; The Howling Key. Many of these are based in the world of Yellow Dawn, so, looking forward to seeing more of this Mythos-apocalypse twist on my fictional universe taking shape.

Looking to run another free Friday giveaway soon and get back into a marketing groove.

Before I went traveling I started tinkering with my website  which is just a bit of flat HTML and CSS. Anyway, 3 days later I hadn’t left the house and I was deep into a whole new site build. It took 6 days in the end. Now adaptive, take a peek, see what you think:

Meanwhile, prodding Broken Fury (new novel #10) along and waiting to find the right time to start editing Oakfield. Also expecting to get final designs through for the new novel covers, meaning all my books will have a consistent brand at last.

Finally, quick shout out to some folks I’ve encountered online recently who deserve a mention:

That’s it!



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