Introducing Mike Jansen: from hardcore cyberpunk to very dark fantasy

One novel and a raft of short stories to enjoy

Mike Jansen author of cyberpunk and very dark fantasy short stories

Mike Jansen

Always nice when you discover talent whilst roaming around the interweb saying “hello – want to buy my books!!!” to people. Here’s Mike Jansen, a prolific author of short stories from a place just outside Amsterdam. With roots deeply entwined in early years of role-playing games, his fiction is quick and easy to get into.

Here is a link to his first novel – The Failing God

Grab some freebies via smashwords here:

Or take a peek at his website.

Mike had fun running D&D style scenarios in Shadowrun and the World of Darkness. And once ran a 2 year campaign for Vampire set in New York for 9 tabletop players, but with almost all communication going via email accounts. The players did not know that many of the external forces/characters were real players, friends of Mike, who sent their own emails and influenced the game…

A creative mind set for mischief.

He’s expressed an interest in writing some shorts set in the post-apocalyptic world of Yellow Dawn. I think with his fusion of writing skills and experience with RPGs he’ll do a great job – something to look forward to. Watch this space for updates.  You can also find Mike on Facebook.


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