Yellow Dawn Session Notes 23rd September ¦ Race to Stop a Great Old One Awakening

Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, first published in 2007, is an RPG written by British Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger – it blends the Cthulhu Mythos and cyberpunk genres in a post-apocalyptic setting. It also has three novels set within it: Dog Eat Dog, The Black Lake and The Social Club.




  • Winter – built like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger with North American First Nation features. An expert in martial arts and wilderness survival.
  • Brendan – slim, awkward in appearance, with dark hair and untrusting blue eyes; he wears black clothing and carries an air of suppressed pain around with him. Scars, like energy burns, to parts of his face hint at his meddling with metaphysical powers. A road mage.
  • Bela – tall, bulky, a victim of the 1st wave that left him Changed at the molecular level. Called an ‘Orc’ by those wishing to insult.
  • Aaron – 16 years old, tall, willowy, good looking, quick witted and intelligent, he was only 6 when Yellow Dawn happened. His survival is a bit of a mystery. Good with his hands and fixing things, his movement is limited by a gammy leg, fixed into a leg-brace.
  • Jean – tall, good-looking man, early 30s with classic southern French features; lean and muscular with a long mane of dark hair and blue eyes. Wears a beaten up leather jacket and leather trousers and boots that belong on a fashion parade, not the wilderness.


RESUME 13th May @ 5pm,

Aaron and Winter in Library, researching.  Langford is at stables with Jean, getting horse and cart ready.  Bela and Brendan are at the apartment.


Team acquire use of a helicopter from Julian Pearlman, the wealthy associate of Baron Toten Reich. It is not the most well-serviced vehicle in the world. It nearly crashes on take-off.  They cross the 20 miles to the small, isolated settlement of Soubere in very quick time. For Jean and Aaron, it is a special trip because they get a chance to see the world outside Aigues-Mortes from the air for the very first time since YD happened.  Roads that were once main roads are left abandoned because they run too close to cities (that have been lost to the Infection). These are easy to spot because unlike the rest of the landscape where Nature has reclaimed the earth with vengeance, anywhere the Infection has a hold remains void of the weeds and trees and vegetation that dominates everywhere else… it is as if Nature shuns these places.  With good reason too.
Reaching Soubere, instead of landing, the team ask Oswald the pilot to keep flying and scout around looking for the abandoned village and the hill that was mentioned on Professor Ducan’s map. As the sun starts to set they find it. Sweeping low over it, the sun dips below the crest of the hill and a weird energy seems to pulse outwards.  The helicopter’s engines fail, all mechanical and complex electronics fail. The helicopter crashes to the ground but luckily was hovering only a few metres above the road of the abandoned village (which has been long reclaimed by nature since all inhabitants vanished 40 years earlier – or 30 years before Yellow Dawn happened).
Everyone scrambles out of the helicopter. Oswald sets about trying to make repairs. Everyone is tense and nervous; the sun begins to set.
Up on the side of the hill they spot a lone torch beam. It is Ducane!  He plants explosives that misfire and rip open the small cave opening into a massive rent, that allows the now emerging moon to shine in and illuminate – and activate – the weird alien properties of the powder that coats every wall of the cavern.
Everyone starts to see the freaky protoplasmic jelly-fish creatures emerging into their field of vision.
There is talk of heading up to the cavern, but then Ducane is heard, ALIVE, partially buried by the avalanche of earth and rock he foolishly caused.  He is screaming as if his life was in peril, and sure enough, something the size of a car is oozing through the growing shadows with long tentacles probing towards him. Ducane abruptly falls silent; the thing stalks back up towards the massive cavern.
A few minutes later a sound trembles the whole hillside. The characters stare at the cavern opening, transfixed, whilst Oswald desparately tries to find a way to fix the helicopter.
Then  IT appears. Something indescribable, monstrous and beyond comprehension squirts outwards from the cavern and pauses at the lip of rocks as if surveying the landscape. And then it tumbles outwards and down the hill, towards the abandoned village. Towards them. Everyone flees to find hiding places.
Winter, who has physically scooped up Aaron and carried him into the deserted village finds a house with a walk in freezer area – long defunct but the heavy metal door still closes. They feel and hear the monster crash through the building and nearly tear away the door but then something else takes its attention…
Oswald the pilot is staggering down the street, trying to find somewhere to hide…  the creature envelops and consumes him wholesale.
Jean is hiding the basement…. he is lucky, the creature was about to stalk down there and find him when it notices Chris Langford appear at the end of the street as the human tries to flee the village. The monster quickly catches up with Chris who dives off road and tries to crawl amongst the undergrowth, only to be scooped up by a dozen tentacles that explode a toxic, caustic dust; as his skin and lungs burn and melt, the mass of the creature slithers around him, snapping and crushing his limbs and rib cage, sucking hungrily at his flesh, blood, guts, excrement and fluids.
Jean, Winter and Aaron remain in hiding until dawn.
In the gentle light of a new day it looks like something the size of a building has crashed through the deserted village.
No sign of IT or of Oswald or Chris.
The team hike back to Aigues-Mortes, it takes two days and there is a tense night camping under the stars wondering if the thing they failed to stop being released will come for them in dark.
Reaching Aigues-Mortes, they meet up with Bela and Brendan and finalise plans to leave with the help of Baron Toten Reich who has a horse and cart take them all to the Living City of Montpelier.
The plan is to join the CRC and make some money scavenging the Dead Zone, however Winter’s plan is to go along to keep the others alive and to find a boat that he can salvage as a start of his next plan…

RESUME 20th May YD+10
The Living City of Montpelier.
Everyone is in a rented apartment (quality to be decided by team) – and have just signed-on the dotted line at a CRC recruiting station, apart from Aaron who is intending to find a gambling table and Brendan who is going to study.


<> All C’s should get a rank roll for last session (23rd Sep ’14)

<> DJR papers include notes on +to Brendan’s COOL for killing Hardstrom and +to FIRST CONTACT with Deraloux.
<> Baron Toten Reich has talked to Bela about his “progress” after seeing him coming in (flying) recent night,
<> All money up to date

<> Brendan has the gore-smeared cerebral codexes for Tengo Gin and Magnus Hardstrom in his pocket.

<> Aigues Mortes, most kit locked away in a cell controlled by Deraloux (before they headed out on their op against Hardstrom).

<>Aigues-Mortes: Armstrong is friendly but firm, takes a like to Aaron, says, I run this place, I keep the rules and break legs.
<> In Celeste: Bela has some raw components and specialised components he scavenged on the way to Prudence.
<> Bela has a special ops gel suit, although armour is wrecked over heart and right thigh.
<> Brendan has an assault rife with 24 rounds remaining.
<> Winter and Samir have acquired a large number of firearms and ammunition, plus heavy weaponry, from Mohammed’s camp and the gasses mercs at Bino Bit compound (these are written on DJR paper notes).
<> NOTE: Samir is not with them. He is acting as comms liaison for Aigues-Mortes captain of the watch.


<> Chris Langford (Dominic), killed by a creature From Beyond at Cereford Grandir near Soubere, 20 miles from Aigues-Mortes. 13th May YD+10.


CREDIT: Featured Hero Image – by Craig J Spearing


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