Murder At Sharky Point: Wonderful Review from Talliston House & Gardens

A Private Dinner Party at this Exclusive Boutique Holiday Experience Gives this Murder Mystery Game a Hearty Thumbs-Up!


I wrote this murder mystery game to break the mould on the kind of play you get with regular boxed sets. They’re fun enough but always leave me chomping at the bit because of the way they railroad players down one particular path. I wanted something that allows a player to have more freedom with how they run any particular character, whilst at the same time providing a rigid structure that supports folks who just want to read from the script – and to stop the entire investigation freewheeling into chaos.

dinner party guests participating as players of Murder At Sharky Point a murder mystery game download written by David J Rodger

Guests attempt to solve the murder – at Sharky Point

I was surprised and delighted to get the following review from Talliston House – a project I’ve been watching with interest for a while now, as John Trevillian, the project lead, has transformed an ordinary house into a magical fantasy escape.  Here’s what he had to say about Murder At Sharky Point:

“Here at Talliston we’re always looking to create extraordinary evenings for our guests. We ran Murder at Sharky Point with costumes, staff and three-course dinner for a private party with resounding success. Inventive, cunning and fun, it ticked all the boxes of what an adult murder mystery should be. Highly and wholly recommended!”


– John Trevillian, Talliston House & Gardens


A wonderful endorsement!

You can learn much more about Talliston House here.

Normally focused on private dining, bespoke boutique accommodation and facilitating guests with a healthy imagination for various atmospheres, here’s an early  glimpse of the latest part of the expansive house to be completed – just in time for next year’s All HallowsEve! (2015)


Available to buy as download or spiral bound hardcopy


BUY > sprial-bound print copy from LULU
BUY > PDF download from LULU


Visit Official Webpage for Murder At Sharky Point





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