Photo log: The Path That Leads

Spooky Forest Scene

spooky wallpaper  photo of forest on Dartmoor England  like a scene from horror movie - free to use but please credit David J Rodger

Dark Forest – David J Rodger

AUGUST 2014: I was out on Dartmoor.  Amazing feeling of being totally disconnected from urban reality. Out here with nothing as far as they eye can see to remind you of your real life. Out here is fantasy, and a zen-like state of mental calm and bliss.  And of course, being out there with nobody around, the imagination roams and sometimes finds scenes suitable for horror. Dark and spindly passageways that lead to regions where other-worlds overlap and strange creatures reign…

I was here staying at Bovey Castle, working on the edit of my new novel Oakfield – a horror story set in a remote village in Cornwall. I’d be grateful if you spared a moment to view the first few chapters here: and very honoured if you shared via the web.


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David J Rodger – DATA



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