Personal Blog: Marketing Versus Creating – Balancing Time

 ¦ dialling in from the Sky Bunker ¦

I’m now 3 weeks into my sabbatical and have the bliss of endless (seemingly) time on my hands.


A couple of years ago I would have been spending my days writing, writing, writing, but the end of last year, and completing The Social Club brought me to a stark realisation. I was spending most of my time creating new content and very little (or not enough) promoting what I have already produced.

It’s an easy situation to slip into. There’s an obsessive compulsion to create, especially when you’ve got ideas stacked up and a burning desire to bring them into living breathing life.  Meanwhile the effort required in marketing and pushing your products can feel like a cold, damp slap of reality… there is no glamour in writing. Just hard work. Writing a book is easy. Selling them is really tough.

But I have found a groove. With eight novels and an RPG out there, and just finished my ninth book, I feel like I can take a big step away from the relentless pace of creating new content, and enjoy the challenge of building a business: outreach and link-building campaigns, blogging, tweeting, curating content for my site, pause, sup a drink and repeat. Grow, grow, grow. More contacts. More engagement. More fans. More sales.

creative minds create hairy bodies

Too much writing leaves its mark

So that’s been my week. I’ve curtailed my traveling plans. I am slow cooking all current novel plans (3 books on the go at the moment) and generally spend my days looking like a wild man from the mountains (unshaven, bed-hair explosion, 1970s wool cardigan called Starsky) living on coffee and whatever carbohydrates I can find in the cupboard before begrudgingly doing something about my appearance to step outside and be amongst humans so I can find food, or just clear my mind.

Of course, it’s vital to keep in focus all aspects of your life and stay true to what is important – don’t throw all your energy into one thing. That way lies madness (tedium, despondency, resentment).

Ran a session of Yellow Dawn (RPG) last night with my usual group. Very satisfying and we are still in a state of bliss since changing from playing once every month at my house (all day Saturday) to playing once every week, at a pub in the old pirate heart of Bristol – cobblestones and medieval buildings – fine ales, pub food. Full write-up soon. Ended the evening with brandy(s) and a slow unwind from the fictional reality we had been occupying.  Role-playing (table top, pens, paper and dice) really is an exceptional way of developing your mind and your imagination, whilst having opportunity for people management, story-telling and general socialising. Love it.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re somebody who struggles with time-management I would seriously recommend you investigate polyphasic sleep (think Da Vinci) and also read the life-changing book by Stephen Covey – “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” –

That’s it!

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