Photolog: Magical Vistas of Jesus Mound

And my 28 year friendship with a tree…

Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger in Jesmond Dene

David J Rodger…and friend

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE: Walk down into the depths of the Dene and then clamber up to the far side, where various ridges provide panoramic views – and sometimes glimpses of Jesus Mound. Large houses set in their own islands of greenery.  The magnificent church tower of St George’s that has always held such fascination and appeal to me, and which I used in the Hasturian weird tale “The Corrupt Moon“.

Walk along one of the many paths up there and you’ll find my tree. A tree I have been coming to ever since I was 16. Just to stand there and place a hand on its surface and feel like maybe it was aware of me. Good energy. Beautiful. And all these years later, I am still coming to Newcastle, and I still take the time to go there in times of happiness and times of strife and grief. A good place to be.

If you know some of the long abandoned historical structures of the Dene you might recognise some of the inspiration the artist Kenn-Ole Moen had for the front cover of the RPG Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur. With its deep glens, dense forest foliage and spooky quarries the Dene is also the inspiration for my addition to H.P.Lovecraft’s Dreamlands – Jarlequin Mound, used in the Cthulhu for Kids illustrated short – “Cloudy Head”,  a story I read to about 20 adults one New Year’s eve, and had the delightful experience of each of them coming downstairs the next morning to excitedly tell me they had dreamt of Cloudy Head.

The Corrupt Moon & Cloudy Head

 The Corrupt Moon and Cloudy head are both available within the short story anthology Songs of Spheres –

David J Rodger – DATA


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