Damn Fine Mac and Cheese at No.1 Harbourside, Bristol

It’s Mac & Cheese Jim, and it’s…good!

Great Mac and Cheese at No 1 Harbourside bar bistro in Bristol England

No.1 Harbourside, Bristol. YumCity!

No.1 Harbourside  is a great place to drink and eat. Spacious, buzzing and often with live music late at night. They serve fresh oysters from an ice cabinet and always have a tasty menu, recently updated with a raft of smaller dishes and smaller prices.  A new addition is the Mac & Cheese. A food I am obsessed about (apparently).  No.1 Harbourside do it with bacon, or with spinach, or both.  And it is bloody nice. To the point where I have had it 6 times in about 4 weeks now.

The best Mac & Cheese in the Universe remains with Chat ‘N Chew in Manhattan – 10 E 16th St (off Union Square)- a place I have been going to since 2002.  Ironically they lost their crown in 2008 to a place just around the corner from where I worked, in Bath, here in England. The Boston Tea Party cafe.  It was freaking INCREDIBLE.

It was! Past tense.

Around 2011 Boston Tea Party binned the Mac & Cheese from their menu. However, this summer saw it come back. The staff at the BTP know of my penchant for the bubbling mess of cheese and pasta and were grinning one morning when I walked in… and pointed to the menu board. There it was. Jumping Jehoshaphat!!! Mac & Cheese. I ordered some there and then. When the staff brought it out they all stood around my table and waited.

I took a bite. I took another bite. Something… wasn’t right. And then the truth came to me. The Boston Tea Party had messed with the recipe. They had put in… Butternut Squash. Damn! It tasted like somebody had thrown their Sunday lunch into it.  Sweet with chunks of…mush.  No!  Sorry BTP, you don’t get your crown back yet.  PS: Everything else about you is perfect. :o)

Back to No.1 Harbourside. Get yourself down there. Grab a seat alfresco and a nice glass of wine. Enjoy the Bristol vibe as all walks of life drift past you, the floating harbour to your back. And order their Mac & Cheese. It’s good Jim, but not as you might know it.


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