Travel: Bovey Castle, Dartmoor – August 2014

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Bovey Castle - fabulous luxury relaxation in the heart of Dartmoor England

The Silk and Brushed Steel Heart of Dartmoor

I was one week into my sabbatical and looking for places to get away and write.  Drove down here from Bristol. Beauty of this city, having the truly enchanted and magickal lands of Somerset, Cotswold, Devon and Cornwall on my doorstep.  Bovey Castle. If you didn’t know it was there you would never find it.  The final leg of the drive takes you along narrow rural lanes where M.R.James would have had a field day with us in one of his Gothic tales.  We passed through the twin gate posts of weathered stone, trundled along an expansive drive and turned a corner to behold… oh wow!!!, the words tumbled from my grinning lips.  As we pulled up outside the magnificent entrance, a young man in full tweed livery strode out to greet us – escorting us to reception whilst others took away the car and handled our bags.  If you’ve ever wanted a glimpse of how it may have felt to live in the heyday of the 1920s, then get yourself to Bovey Castle. More staff than you could shake a stick at, incredibly polite and genuinely interested in making sure you’re a happy camper.

Travel Photo - approaching Bovey Castle Jacobean style - David J Rodger

Approaching Bovey Castle – Image David J Rodger


Bovey Castle - main staircase Jacobean style

Descending main staircase

The main building was built in 1907 in Jacobean style. The interior is of high quality, with paneled rooms and elaborately carved features. Extensions were built in the 1930s.

Bovey Castle Dartmoor cosy snug for late night reading and socialising beneath the staircase

Cosy snug for late night reading and socialising beneath the staircase

Bovey Castle - a Jacobean dream in the heart of Dartmoor

Bovey Castle – out on the terrace

romantic walks around Bovey Castle and Dartmoor All that is missing is the Cadbury Flake

All that’s missing is the Cadbury Flake

Reception have a small red book that guests can use. It contains five walks with vague instructions like walk down the lane for 400 metres, pass a white cottage and climb over the stile into a field, head roughly towards the middle of the far side to find another stile… which was great because sometimes you really had to work to find your way around the route. This one took us through some enchanted pathways, the long abandoned drives of medieval farms – sunlight lancing through the dense canopy above.

May pole in a quaint Dartmoor village

May pole in a quaint Dartmoor village

A May Pole! I’ve not seen one of these since school in the 1970s. I thought places had stopped using them after The Wicker Man…. the local village was unbelievably quaint. And the pub, the Ring of Bells… I could have been Basil Rathbone to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

art deco statue of woman holding archery bow in grounds of Jacobean mansion Bovey Castle - Dartmoor - Photo David J Rodger

Grounds of Bovey Castle – it was all so very Agatha!

Photo - self-portrait -David J Rodger - author of 9 science fiction thrillers - in Jacobean Gothic delight and 1930s glamour of Bovey Castle Dartmoor

Feeling very Rathbone.


Bovey Castle interior

Bovey Castle interior

An afternoon relaxing in the expansive lounge with the smell of wood smoke and a ticking clock.

Bovey Castle window bay and gallery

Bovey Castle window bay and gallery

tea or coffee for the room Bovey Castle

Tea or coffee in your room

There are lots of little nice touches at Bovey Castle. The wooden carry case crammed with everything you need to sit and enjoy the silence of your room whilst looking out across the courtyard or the moors.

David J Rodger in Bovey Castle library working on new novel Broken Fury

David J Rodger in Bovey Castle library working on Broken Fury

I took advantage of the quiet morning and found myself a seat in the large library, deserted of anyone else. It’s great being here on Dartmoor.  Such an evocative location.  A great moment of synchronicity too, because last month I finished the first draft of my new novel Oakfield, which is a tense little story of horror unfolding at a mansion, set just outside a remote Cornish town near Bodmin moor.  I’m leaving the book alone for a few weeks before starting the task of editing. So right now I am working on notes for a new book called Broken Fury – private military contractor Massimo Pandev finds himself on a gig in the north of Norway, running an executive kidnap from a tech company…

Here’s the view from where I am sitting. My leather notebook from Santiago in the foreground.

The view from library of Bovey Castle - looking out across the Moors with Santiago notebook of David J Rodger in foreground

The view from library of Bovey Castle

View of Bovey Castle from the Moors

View of Bovey Castle from the Moors – heading up to the Tor

David J Rodger atop on of the Tors on Dartmoor

David J Rodger atop one of the Tors on Dartmoor

Amazing feeling of being totally disconnected from urban reality. Out here with nothing as far as they eye can see to remind you of your real life. Out here is fantasy, and a zen-like state of mental calm and bliss.

And of course, being out there with nobody around, the imagination roams and sometimes finds scenes suitable for horror. Dark and spindly passageways that lead to regions where otherworlds overlap and strange creatures reign…

spooky wallpaper photo of forest on Dartmoor England like a scene from horror movie - free to use but please credit David J Rodger

Dark Forest

photograph of butterfly

There is beauty too…

Leaving Bovey Castle

My lady arrives with the horses, time for departure…


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