New Fantasy Fiction: First Novel by Joe Walker, Ethriel – Blood Bonds

Joe Walker delivers the first of an epic fantasy trilogy – try it free from Amazon Kindle

Cover of Ethriel Blood Bonds (Thundous Book 1) Fantasy Fiction by Joe Walker

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I encountered Joe through the Internet. A first time author pushing his first novel out through Amazon Kindle, which is a smart way of acquiring feedback / criticism and getting a feel for how the market is responding to your product. He’s produced a very well edited piece of work, well-written and with a wonderful cover. The only real criticism I’ve been able to find is that the story lacks originality.  However, this is epic fantasy and I think fans of that genre will always welcome more helpings of what they love to consume.  It certainly seems to hook folks into it.

Here are a couple of snippets from reviews I’ve come across:

The succinct descriptive language paints clear word pictures and makes the story move along quickly. It is definitely compelling reading. The battle scenes in particular evoke emotion from the reader – emotions of panic, fear, excitement and success.

4/5 stars from Pamela King


This story begins with an information dump that gives us the background to the world of Thundous. Personally, I prefer such information to be woven into the story rather than presented in one swoop. Luckily, that particularly section is not overly long, and the story begins in chapter two. I did find the world’s history interesting, so I strongly recommend getting past it, even if you are the kind of reader who shudders at info dumps.

2/5 stars from Fantasy Book Lane


Storm clouds gather over the land of Ethriel

The Dark Lord, Akvandar, has defeated the once mighty Kingdom of Sol and now turns his attention upon the men of the west; a weak and fractured people struggling desperately to repel the advances of the armies spewing forth from the dreaded Spire.

Meanwhile, in the cold north, there is trouble afoot. Goblins march from the Mountain of Iron, ravaging the lands between the Range and the Impassable Peaks; a once peaceful region where the stench of betrayal is pungent and corruption is rife.

Humankind teeters on the edge of existence and the forces of good have only one choice. They must forget past grievances and fight against the evil that plagues their land in a war that will be decided by the sword and the shield.

From the deepest depths to the highest peaks, Blood Bonds will take you on a whirlwind adventure following four unlikely companions who must bind themselves in friendship, overcoming battles, betrayals and grief as they strive to bring the nations of the realm together.



About the Author

Joe Walker author of Ethriel Blood Bonds (Thundous Book 1) Fantasy Fiction

Joe Walker

Joe Walker was born and educated in West Yorkshire, England. It was here that he discovered a love for Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Historical Fiction.

The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars & anything and everything related to ancient Rome dominated his childhood. He later went on to discover the works of David Gemmell, Conn Iggulden, George R. R. Martin, Bernard Cornwell and, eventually, a love for writing.

Married and teaching, Joe began writing a fantasy trilogy which practically flew onto his computer from the tips of his fingers, having waited patiently somewhere in the deepest recesses of his mind for many a year.

He is currently still teaching English as a foreign language in China whilst writing the Ethriel trilogy: Blood Bonds, Magic & Freedom in his spare time with the goal of sharing his work with others through the wonderful world wide web.


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