Post Pic: Floyd Hayes – Guerrilla Marketeer

Floyd Hayes, an Englishman from New York in Jesus Mound

Floyd Hayes - Guerrilla Marketeer

Floyd Hayes – Guerrilla Marketeer

I’ve been working through my backlog of photos.  I like this one.  A little fragment of nostalgia. Floyd flew from New York where he lives and works, to the UK to attend the launch party of my most recent novel – The Social Club. The launch party, arranged by Bristol’s Fantasy and Science Fiction Society was rather wonderful; plus I sold all of my stock – always a bonus.  The event stretched into the evening.  This is Floyd the next day.  He and I padded gently around the historic harbour of the city, which is a port even though it is several miles inland. Many bars and cafes. And a simple brick hut that sells the best sausage, bacon and egg sarnies this side of the Universe – if you want a better Full English Breakfast you have to travel 320 miles North and East to the Butterfly Cabinet in Newcastle. Which we did. I snapped this pic of Floyd at Jesmond Dene.

Now Floyd is back in the States and looking after my interests over there, one string on his bow.  His main gig is being the physical host of a brain for marketing. Check out The World’s Fastest Agency, or book yourself onto an online course with his Guerrilla Marketing School.  This is a man who doesn’t just go the extra mile to get things done. He delivers.  So get in touch with him @FastestAgency and tell him you’ve seen a very interesting black and white photo.  He may even give you a smile.


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