Best new sound of the UK: SOUTHWAY – Incredible Electro Rock Pop

So I was walking along …

SOUTHWAY - London Indie Electro Pop Duo blast Bristol with flash gig

SOUTHWAY – in Bristol

JULY 2014: Walking back through Bristol on a balmy summer evening I am stopped in my tracks by the busking (sorry, mini freaking GIG) of a guy and gal playing keyboards, cymbal and guitar. They were ROCKING the centre of Bristol. They had a crowd standing around them. Grinning and clapping. Called SOUTHWAY check them out. Fantastic music and incredible vibe.  They PERFORM like they are just lost in the bliss of their own zone. Contagious joy. You want to listen because the music makes you feel good and their performance weaves the physical motions of magic into your soul.

Find “Mirror to your Heart” and you’ll be walking along with your eyes cast to the horizon, gazing at the sky and clouds, dreamy ideas and nostalgia flooding into your mind. That track in particular really grabs me. Very 80s but with a contemporary style.

I shot this video. Bought their CD, now soundtrack to a new era of my life which is going through some massive changes. CD ironically called “Changing World”.



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