Personal Blog: back in the saddle

¦ dialling in from Boston Tea Party Cafe (Bath) ¦

I’ve been back from a flurry of travelling for just over a week now. Life settling back into a groove. Focus is more on marketing my books than writing new ones at the moment. Have had a couple interviews go out and received a fantastic review for The Social Club from a fan.

I’m anticipating a press release to come out of Modiphius soon regarding the Dark Tales anthology; a collection of short stories that helps to expand and reinforce the world vision of Achtung! Cthulhu. I was commissioned to write a piece for it – think the official launch will be happening at Dragonmeet in London in December.  My contribution is called “Shadow of the Black Sun” and sits alongside work by some seriously talented authors in the field.  Definitely something you should put in your diary to get claws into,

The designer I commissioned to complete a set of new novel covers for me is making progress. Looking forward to getting them in my hands and starting some PR around what will be a complete set of books (8 novels + 4 new ones in pipeline) with a consistent brand.

Although I have slowed down on the writing front I am still making good progress. Actually wrote the penultimate scene of  Oakfield   this morning.  Probably another week of writing left before it clunks into review and edit gear.

The travelling has added to my massive backlog of photos that need working up and writing up, expect some blog posts about Amsterdam and Malta sometime this month.  Still need to write-up Valladolid and Salamanca from May!

Looking ahead I am thinking about going to the Frankfurt Book Fair. See if I can schedule interesting contacts with journalists and folks in the industry – see if I can raise the profile of my books as a self-published author. Thoughts on this welcome.

frankfurt book fair 2014

frankfurt book fair 2014

That’s it!



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