Science Fiction Fantasy in Photography: Archangel of Fire by Simon Berger


Science Fiction Fantasy in photography Archangel of Fire Uriel by Simon Berger

Archangel of Fire – Uriel – Image by Simon Berger, All Rights Reserved

More by circumstance than design, Simon Berger has crafted an image that would fit very neatly into a science fiction fantasy fold. Uriel, or some other agency of fire and magic, leaning against a wall in an enigmatic and very modern-day pose. Observing the world from the shadows whilst energy spills from the rent it has created in the fabric of the Quantisphere.

In truth, Berger captured this long exposure photograph with sparks from burning piece of steel wool.  You can read more on the technique via Michael Zhang’s blog on Petapixel – click here:

You can see more of Simon Berger’s work here:


If you like the idea of angelic entities dropping into our world, you might enjoy the free science fiction dark fantasy short story Hokan.


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