Personal Blog: Amsterdam Bounce, Malta and Gozo

¦ dialling in from The Wild Trapeze ¦

A cafe in Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Flew up here from Bristol on a random whim, same day I got back from Malta. Seem to have spent the past ten days in airports – but this I love. Spent a lot of time in airports when I was a kid.  Have always enjoyed them.  A sense of adventure.  People going places or coming back. Psychological and physical transition point.  Which is where I am at right now. In this massive moment of my life. A maelstrom of converging currents has all led to a swirling eye, 3 weeks and 1,200 miles across.
There has been lots going on.

Coming back from Amsterdam last weekend my skull was brimming with new energy. I went to Malta specifically to spend time on Gozo. Smaller, quieter, much more unspoiled and able to convey a genuine medieval vibe in places.  I booked a hotel with a room that had a small lounge, with a balcony and sea view. I thought, maybe I could sit there and finish Oakfield.  Didn’t quite work out that way. No issues. Just a different flavour took hold.  Hard to sit indoors and work when such a beautiful location (and weather) beckons outside.
Sitting there on my tod, it is easy to get chatting with folks. I met a lovely family, including the 18-year-old lad called Christian who turns out had played Yellow Dawn and knew of my work; several authors at the recent Comic-Con had advised him to read my post-apocalyptic novel The Social Club if he liked Detective novels with a twist.

David J Rodger crossing Gozo channel to Malta

Crossing Gozo channel

Now I am in Newcastle. The red brick terraced buildings contrast with the dark slate roofs, black and glistening in the rain that has just started coming down.  It is warm though.  Great to be sitting here in The Wild Trapeze. Such a fantastic cafe. The food is sublime. The coffee strong.  The tall windows that dominate two sides of one corner allow in a flood of light, be it moody rainy light or ambient glow of sunlight.
I’m working on an article I am writing for Peter Sutton’s blog – writing the Cthulhu Mythos into the future.  Also fleshing out ideas for a new game where rival corporations (players) try to dominate the markets of various planets, habitats and colonies across a galaxy – meanwhile, Dar Corp is sneaking in, instigating riots and revolutions to create a pan-galaxy uprising for its benefit and the destruction of all the other players.  Just rough notes at the moment but see where it goes.  Calling it Galaxy Wars for now.

I am really near the end of Oakfield. Very difficult, actually. I have several options for the actual The End and I am discussing ideas with several close people to try to ensure I strike the right tone for what is potentially an epic and mind-blowing confrontation.  (Me thinks!)

Wow – a guy just walked in. He looked at me and stopped. I looked at him and my brain started whirring. Same age. Grey hair peppering his stubble.  Ping!  Drew, from school.  Somebody I’ve not seen since I was 16 years old.  “Dang!” I said.  He said, “David?” Great to catch-up with him.
That’s it.



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