Photo Log: Newcastle – The Wild Trapeze, Tynemouth Pier, Cumberland Arms and Fury of Dracula

Up North

I was in Newcastle Upon Tyne again recently – third time in five weeks, a big shift from only going back once every 8 months or so – and the main reason for coming up again so soon was because of the mental image in my head of spending a day sitting in The Wild Trapeze cafe, munching through their menu –  divine! – and savouring the easy atmosphere and eclectic decor which invites you to stop and stay a (long) while. I got what I wanted.  In fact you could say I flew 320 miles for the pleasure.  Did a trip to Tynemouth, epic takeaway fish & chips at Marshalls, then a walk along the wonderful Tynemouth Pier to the lighthouse there – the North Sea surging all around you, waves slamming up against the bulky defenses.  Followed by an evening supping from a host of guest ales at the incredibly atmospheric and friendly Cumberland Arms.  The next day was a day to be indoors and play the board game that has come to define my friendship with Lone Pine, called The Fury of Dracula (1987) it is possibly one of the best games ever conceived – and I have played a few.  Here’s some photos that document these fun moments of time.

Number one cafes in Newcastle - Wild Trapeze cafe Heaton Road - friendly atmosphere great food

The Wild Trapeze – great food, easy atmosphere


Recommended cafes in Newcastle Upon Tyne - The Wild Trapeze - Heaton - lovely light, excellent food, strong coffee

The Wild Trapeze – ambience


Tynemouth, England

David J Rodger on Tynemouth Pier 2014

David J Rodger – Tynemouth Pier, a tad windy

Tynemouth Pier - Newcastle England

Tynemouth Pier

Like something from the shores of Lake Hali in the dread city of Carcosa - image by David J Rodger

Interesting light effect on the waters next to pier, like looking down at Lake Hali (Carcosa)

portrait of a white man in 50s with beard and holding a pint

Lone Pine and Pint

For the love of The Fury of Dracula

For the love of The Fury of Dracula

Box cover of The Fury of Dracula 1987

Box cover of The Fury of Dracula 1987


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