Personal Blog: soaking up the inspiration

¦ dialling in from Amsterdam ¦

Sitting in PLLEK, a set of old shipping containers stacked on top of each other and welded together; some of them sliced in half and pulled apart with a glass wall dropped into place to create a cafe space. They serve good coffee and good beer here.  This is NDSM Wharf.   Much more going on than just PLLEK.  The scale of open space is incredible.  Old shipyards, left to abandonment, now being invaded by the shock troops of gentrification. Reach it by a gnarly old ferry. Pure cyberpunk (one aspect), early seed of industrial urban rust gets overlaid with artwork and bold statements, and becomes the playground of innovative ideas… an enclave of expression. Until it gets noticed. Gets developed by the big players. Then a new one will be found. Repeat. But check it out on Google: NDSM Amsterdam, great images that will convey the flavour of the place.

Doing some work on two of the four books I’ve been pushing along last few months: Oakfield (very close to the end of the first draft) and Broken Fury (about a third of the way in) .

I’ve been in Amsterdam for a few days. 12 years since last visit.  Summer 2002 – I stopped off on my way to spend a few days in Maastricht (a location I used in Iron Man Project).   Great to be here again, and compare myself then to who I am now.  On reflection I feel like I have achieved a lot in the last 12 years: 6 new novels, 30 new short stories, one anthology; birth and publication of Yellow Dawn RPG – evolution of the writing career and feeling like I am finally getting somewhere.  It’s a good feeling.  On reflection…

That’s the important aspect here. Apart from writing, this trip has given me a chance to stop and look back.  Ties into one of my favourite lines from a movie, the legendary Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  “Life moves pretty fast…”
You know the rest.

David J Rodger Cyberpunk Science Fiction and Cthulhu Mythos author in Pllek at NDSM Wharf Amsterdam

DJR at PLLEK – a good moment

That’s it !


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