Yellow Dawn Session Notes 24th June ¦ Hunting the source of strange lights

The team split up as they continue to investigate the experimental lights that have been placed on Noyer Street; meanwhile political machinations with Aigues-Mortes puts their lives in danger


Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, first published in 2007, is an RPG written by British Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger – it blends the Cthulhu Mythos and cyberpunk genres in a post-apocalyptic setting. It also has three novels set within it: Dog Eat Dog, The Black Lake and The Social Club.


Resume 7th May YD+10 @ 1.a.m.

Winter and Aaron have just put Brendan to bed, stinking of charred clothes, sex and champagne – he is going to be in pain tomorrow. They are at their apartment above the bakery on South Gate. Next steps are…. Montpellier?



Winter is the only one still awake when Bella knocks on the downstairs front door at 2 in the morning. Bela?!  How he got into Aigues Mortes is a mystery – he took precautions not to be seen; but for Winter it is a delight to see his old friend after so many weeks (Bela has been acting lawman in a very small settlement that is pro-changed). Bela missed out on the horrors of North Africa that the rest of the team have been through.  Winter comments that Bela looks bigger, meaner since last seeing him.  It takes Bela to remove the 1,000 metre stare from his face.

GM NOTE: Bela has been experiencing part of the process of Star Whisperers – a winged Thing has been visiting him out on the remote rural landscape. Communing with him. Has taken him to a group of 6 Warrior Orcs who had a forge going, smelting armour with cruel spikes… Bela observed from the edges, unable to approach because he was not one of them and they would have killed him.  Bela continues to evolve through the Change.

Later that morning Brendan makes an appearance – severely hung over, and his clothes all charred. He has to bin them, so no longer has a spare set of clothing – also had luxury of shower to clear off the smell of sex and spilled champagne.

News arrives that the milk delivery man, Caruso, was found decapitated and mutilated on Noyer street. Seems like he went back to work sooner than planned.

The team split into two.  Bela and Winter grab 3pm ride on a shared cart to Montpellier. At main gates of Aigues-Mortes they have altercation with Monduroy, who visibly does not like the Changed – “I know you, you’re that bloody Orc that used to live in the mud outside these gates making cheap knives. I didn’t see you come in here – how did you get in here… :

Winter challenges Monduroy about the 10,000 credits only being 9,000…. says loudly that Monduroy ripped them off. This gets a dark warning from Monduroy.

Winter and Bella arrive Montpellier just before sunset and find a reasonable place to sleep away from lowlife who prey on the weak at the main gates inside the Infection Free Zone.

Back in Aigues-Mortes, Aaron and Brendan try to rig Winter’s PA to record the strange blob creatures that are visible to Aaron when the street lights come on.  This is not successful. Aaron flees the area. Brendan hangs around for an hour outside, raising the suspicion of a local who arrives with two militia. The militia try to shove Brendan inside his place and attack him… a change of mood has occurred. Brendan defends himself with paralyse against one, and FEAR on the other one. Brendan grabs the paralysed militia and snarls into his face – “We are protected.” and hurls him onto the street.  Later, Captain of the Watch arrives to advise characters that politics are afoot – all this has been brought about by Magnus Hardstrom’s poisonous influence on the settlement.   Captain says that characters should watch their backs – he will do what he can to protect them, but possibly Monduroy now sees them as an obstacle to his own plans?  Captain then asks, “Do you have any message for a mutual friend of ours?” Brendan realises it is a reference to Baron Toten Reich.  Brendan responds enthusiastically, “Yes, tell him we are no friends of Magnus Hardstrom”.

8th May YD +10
Winter and Bella go to see professor of engineering who developed the lights at Montpellier university. Some issues with secretary. Get to meet professor colleagues who advise that he is on extended leave for stress – and they are shocked and surprised the lights are in operation in Aigues-Mortes. They knew nothing about it.  They give characters the professors address.

8th May YD+10
Winter  and Bella in Montpellier, at 2pm, just been given address of professor.
Aaron and Brendan in Aigues-Mortes, at 2pm, they have watched footage from last night and found nothing.



<> Everyone needs to make rank rolls. Aaron gets +1 for something he did very much in character.
<> All money up to date.
<> Aigues Mortes, All weapons are stored at main gate with militia although Brendan carries a knife.  Montpellier, everyone carries whatever weapons they like, within reason – although most inner areas of the Living City have strict controls on Wastelanders binging weapons this far in.

<>Aigues-Mortes: Armstrong is friendly but firm, takes a like to Aaron, says, I run this place, I keep the rules and break legs.
<> In Celeste:  Bela has some raw components and specialised components he scavenged on the way to Prudence.
<> Bela has a special ops gel suit, although armour is wrecked over heart and right thigh.
<> Brendan has an assault rife with 24 rounds remaining.
<> Winter and Samir have acquired a large number of firearms and ammunition, plus heavy weaponry, from Mohammed’s camp and the gasses mercs at Bino Bit compound (these are written on DJR paper notes).
<> NOTE: Samir is not with them. He is acting as comms liaison for Aigues-Mortes captain of the watch


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5 thoughts on “Yellow Dawn Session Notes 24th June ¦ Hunting the source of strange lights

  1. Hi David,

    Looks like a really interesting and intriguing scenario you are running.

    Do you tend to use a ‘sandbox’ type of approach (i.e. ‘wing it’ a fair bit) or are things more structured? I suspect the latter…

    BTW, I really enjoyed reading Shadows of the Quantinex. It’s convoluted in places, and I do wonder if there is room to simplify things a bit if you were ever tempted to do a further edition. But, it’s an impressive beast. I seem to recall a post where you mentioned a possible novelisation of the story (or did I dream this under some dark influence of R’lyeh?). If so, this would get a big thumbs-up from me!

    My main reason for emailing is to enquire whether you plan on making Yellow Dawn available as a PDF?


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Hi Rob
    Apols for slow response. Just got back from Amsterdam. The scenario is one for Call of Cthulhu, written by somebody else and available online as a PDF. I’ve changed some details to stop (naughty) players looking it up to learn the traps ahead. I’ll reveal source scenario and give full credit to author once we complete. So yeah, the scenario is structured but I am always delighted when players (or random events caused by system dice) take the scenario off-piste on I have to think on my feet. That’s a main attraction of being a GM for me. The mental challenge, and the responsibility of ensuring the players have a good time (even if it is nerve jarring and stressful at times).

    Shadows of the Quantinex. Yes, quite a beast. You’re right, there is a LOT going on between the covers, and you are not suffering any dark delusions from Leng about me planning to turn it into a series of Yellow Dawn novels – I am, once I get through Oakfield, Broken Fury, Sunder Gloom, Rise of the Iconoclast, Cameraderie of Wolves, Proteus Syndrome, Demona, Host System Down…blech, too many books to write, not enough time. When I get to it then a full review will be very useful, streamlining and as you say, simplifying things a bit.

    Thanks for your feedback, as always, greatly appreciated.

  3. PS! You asked about Yellow Dawn becoming available in PDF. Yes, eventually. I was planning to make it available via DriveThru RPG but I also have a game publisher making an offer on distribution rights – which requires me to complete some discussions with Chaosium (still pending). I’ll do a big shout out when all this happens but I am not expecting it to be resolved this year, so for now, physical reality is the only way to grab a copy in your hands.

  4. Hi Dvid,

    Thanks for responding to my queries – much appreciated. I’m now *really* intrigued about the scenario (must sharpen my googling skills)…

    Just caught up with the more recent events; dropping nine gas canisters instead of two! That’s the sort of PC blunder which makes for a very memorable gaming session (and the circumstances of the rib boat getting nicked). Keep up the progress reports.

    I infer that plans are afoot to make Yellow Dawn more CoC/BRP ‘friendly’? If so, this would surely help the game break into the BRP mainstream and so raise its profile in that community.


    • Thanks Rob. Glad you’re enjoying the write-ups. They do take up time but they’re valuable memory aid. Slow but gradual progress towards getting Yellow Dawn into PDF format. That may include a 3rd edition that ties in more closely with CoC. Not sure yet; the situation is… evolving. Best. Djr

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