Yellow Dawn Session Notes 3rd June ¦ Horror Stalks the light

The characters settle uneasily into their new digs; Winter is keen to get the hell out of Aigues-Mortes but Brendan is intrigued by the man who tore out his own eyes… their investigation leads them to encounter horror in the light.


Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, first published in 2007, is an RPG written by British Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger – it blends the Cthulhu Mythos and cyberpunk genres in a post-apocalyptic setting. It also has three novels set within it: Dog Eat Dog, The Black Lake and The Social Club.



5th May, YD +10. Early morning. Samir is parked with the Captain of Aigues-Mortes.
Winter, Brendan and Aaron are at the South Side apartment. It is raining lightly, and Winter has just read the local rag Les Pages Mortes, which has covered a story about terrible incident at the Simone Apartment block in South Side – is appears connected to the man who Aaron saw yesterday.


Aaron goes downstairs to bakery for coffee (there is fresh coffee down there, expensive but tastes OK – Aigues Mortes enjoys benefits of being a major trade hub) – and brings it back for Brendan to help him wake up and sober up.  Brendan stares at the young kid with a wincing face wondering who the fuck he is.

Later Aaron goes back to the bakery and starts to play with the coffee machine – the baker is war of this, the coffee is a good income stream for him as it is something of a luxury item for the people who live here in South Gate area. Aaron initially breaks the machine but then puts it back together with a critical improvement that makes the coffee taste even better… free coffees for him for the rest of the month. (3 copper pieces deposit for the ceramic mugs that you use – bring them back or use them for refills at 3 copper each). Or bring your own mug.  The bakery has a great vibe to it.

Winter is really worried about what kind of influence Hardstrom will have over them here – and wants to check the apartment for bugs (but they don’t have the skills or the money to buy equipment).  Brendan is getting interested in the story of the guy who ripped his eyeballs out.  Brendan learns the man mutilated himself last night, in an apartment building just three blocks further up.  They go to check it out and meet the owner of the house where the man lived and rented a room.  Aaron rents a room downstairs at the front.  No curtains. No electricity. It gets dark – he goes to sleep with the electric lights streaming through from outside. These are new electric lights – out of character with the shabby area, and everyone just assumes they are part of some kind of regeneration programme being run by the Aigues-Mortes government.

Brendan has stolen the telescope and notebook of the young man from his blood soaked room (where two workers were scrubbing the floor). There are no real clues… just a complaint about the new street lights causing light pollution for his star watching, and the final page a written account of his descent  into madness before tearing his eyes out so that he can stop seeing them – seeing them everywhere.

Aaron learns what was meant by this. Waking up around 3 in the morning, he is disturbed to see jelly like globules floating through the air around him; some of them oozing through solid structures, others through each other – and they seem to react to Aarons awareness. They are horrible but non-threatening.  Aaron rushes down the road and into the darker streets where there are no street lights – he does not see the things here.  He wakes up Brendan and Winter and drags them back to his recent rental – gibbering and making a lot of noise that has one local opening his window to yell “shut up!”

There are similarities to the account that Winter heard about the area suffering from strange events recently…. including Star Watcher and three days before that guy who delivers milk went crazy in the middle of the night, during his rounds, and ran off screaming – woke the whole street.

Brendan and Winter cannot see these things, but Aaron can – as soon as they return to where he rented the room.  The things are everywhere and horrible.  And then…. then something else appears, bigger, meaner and this seems to see him!  It plunges forwards, tendrils of smoke phase into sight of Brendan and Winter, they gleam blue-green and take tangible form as they dart towards Aaron.  Winter takes decisive action, he grabs Aaron and bodily drags him away – running.  Brendan runs after them.  Both Winter and Brendan could see this latest… thing.

They retreat to their place above the bakery.

RESUME 4 A.M. on 6th May YD+10.  In apartment. Awake. Everyone has had enough sleep. They are talking about hallucinations, drugging, gas.  They know the milkman was effected but he hasnt gouged his eyes out, right?



<> RANK ROLLS required for Brendan, Winter and Aaron for 3rd May (+1 bonus due to excellent character development and interaction)

<> Bella needs to do rank roll for 1st March session.
<> All money is up to date. The team were paid 10 days advance for the Libya trip by the Baron (600 copper).
<> Bela has some raw components and specialised components he scavenged on the way to Prudence.
<> Bela has a special ops gel suit, although armour is wrecked over heart and right thigh.
<> Brendan has an assault rife with 24 rounds remaining.
<> Winter and Samir have acquired a large number of firearms and ammunition, plus heavy weaponry, from Mohammed’s camp and the gasses mercs at Bino Bit compound (these are written on DJR paper notes).
<> NOTE: Bela is not with them. He is acting lawman at Celeste.

<> NOTE: Samir is not with them. He is acting as comms liaison for Aigues-Mortes captain of the watch


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