Personal Blog: riding on big changes

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Strange few days.  Came into work last week to be one of a hundred folks rounded up and taken to an off-site location and informed the department I work in  and my job had been sold to another media company.  I didn’t freak out.  Great move, in fact.  Good opportunity to inject change into my world.  At the same time I had a weird sense of… loss.  At the end of the announcement the senior management literally said “goodbye”.  Necessary finality.  I have been at this company for 7 years and had many beautiful highs and a few crashing lows.  All throughout there has been the people, amazing people – and a small industry, so I am looking forward to those moments in the future when some of us encounter each other again.

In the background to this there are major changes taking place in my personal life […] forcing me to confront once again the sense of loss after my parents died…but this time I am looking for resolution.

It has been a productive few days with writing.  The editor for the A!C anthology got back to me on the story he commissioned me to write, with a big thumbs up.  Very pleasing.  Hopefully it will expand on that particular flavour of Cthulhu Mythos with a touch of my own.  I am now down to working on three novels. Oakfield is storming ahead. Working on it for only 45 minutes a day really allows me to focus on each scene.  Writing a mammoth sequence of action and trauma right now.  Kind of near the end, but not, if you know what I mean.  Few more weeks to go. Broken Fury also coming along very nicely. The big job has just been revealed and main character is getting to know the team (issues with trust and hidden motivation).  Sunder Gloom remains my secret pleasure – and somewhat macabrely is becoming a meat-grinder for people I know… I need quick non-central characters to appear, then die gruesomely as the horror stalks around Bristol… so I am looping in folks in my life, adjusting their names and tossing them in.  Crunch. Munch. Splatter and gore.  Next!

I have switched from running Yellow Dawn RPG once every 3 weeks (a whole Saturday) – because of the fact none of us have the freedom of empty diaries anymore. Every 3 weeks realistically became once every 6 weeks.  When did life become so busy?  I guess when mates get married and have kids.  Anyhow, managing diaries has become like a job so I thought fuck it, and now do it weekly on Tuesday nights. I am loving it.  A real sense of pace and continuity is building up. Plus food and beer on tap (running it in a city centre pub).  Latest session notes here:

That’s it!


6 thoughts on “Personal Blog: riding on big changes

  1. Wish I could get weekly gaming, one evening a month is all my players can manage. With them it’s night – shifts that get in the way (and the fact one of the players doesn’t live in the North – West anymore! Although with him willing to drive an hour each way for a game I must be doing something right…)

    I still find your daily 45 minutes a mind blowing system – it takes me at least that long to ‘boot up’ the universe and characters before writing…

    As for the job Media companies seem to spend the majority of their time either imploding, exploding or being bought out. I’m glad I got out when I did, although all the money was nice…

  2. Oh man, one evening a month! That must build up a hunger for it. As you say, good that one bod is happy to drive an hour each way. Playing one night a week is really letting us soak up (or sink into) the atmosphere of the location and the scenes. I thought being in a pub – with other people waffling on around us might spoil the atmosphere but it actually acts like a kind of… screen, or focus?

    I’ve been accused of being a machine with my writing. It’s nice to sit down at a regular slot and just prod one piece along and then walk away, come back next day, repeat. Have you created a playlist for a particular piece of work? Switch on the same starting track when you sit down and pavlovian responses take over…. your brain knows what it needs to do now. Works for me.

    Media. Aye, you are right there. Interesting weeks and months ahead. Exhaustion or exhileration on the way :o)

    • Yeah, quite the hunger. It was because of restricted gaming time that I started writing though- so not all bad.

      I haven’t tried training myself with CBT… (; might give that a go.

      Exhaustion and exhilaration are often bed-mates, at least if you’re doing the exhilaration right. (C:

      • Have you tried polyphasic sleep? I haven’t used it much this year but last few years it really delivered results…. wrapping creativity around a day job and when doing long weekend stints of writing. Like your point about bed-mates. So true! :o)

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