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Another chunk of good creative days.  Solid progress continues with Oakfield –we’ve gone from “discovery” to desperate action with characters fighting to survive the horror. Still giving some time to Broken Fury (back in Norway, heading North) and Sunder Gloom (creepy, meat-grinder of a book where small characters are tossed in to suffer terrible fates).

I had to stop everything this weekend however to focus on the short story I’ve been commissioned to write for Achtung! Cthulhu. The editor chased me up a couple of weeks ago, so I came up with an idea riding the bus back from Bath to Bristol; the pitch was accepted, so this weekend was all about writing it.  Based in Svolvær , Norway again – you can tell I’m getting a lot of inspiration and mileage out of the Arctic Road Trip I did last summer – and a really amazing part of the country, and archipelago of rugged islands that hangs off the west coast way up in the Arctic Circle region.  I had to gen up on Achtung! Cthulhu’s universe, rather than relying solely on my own – but hopefully what I’ve produced fits neatly into both.  Also had to research some WWII material.  But, during Saturday, Sunday and Monday (bank holiday) I nailed it in 6,000 words. Working title: Shadow of the Black Sun (click to read sample).  Very pleased. Now with the editor. If it’s good it should be available to read as part of an A!C anthology later this year.

I’ve also had my nose pointed to a recent review posted up by Role Play Craft on my RPG Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur. Very rewarding to see my work get good attention like this – also the fact the writer picked up on how the YD system has many elements that can apply to your own RPG systems (commercial, indie and home-grown).

Finally, if you’re a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos, you might like to see one of my new additions to H.P.Lovecraft’s pantheon of Outer Gods.  Read all about Arcanathoa here.

That’s it!

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