Personal Blog: good progress on all fronts, new venue for Yellow Dawn

¦ dialling in from Sky Bunker  ¦

Its been a good few days.  Solid progress with Oakfield – deep into the truly exciting bit where feathers are starting to fly as characters who I have spent the whole novel building up encounter the truth behind their situation – and the Cthulhu Mythos. Broken Fury and Sunder Gloom are also creeping ahead.  I have placed Rise of the Iconoclast on the back-burner. Working on 4 novels did seem a bit nuts.

The editor in charge of putting together an anthology of shorts for Achtung! Cthulhu has reviewed and accepted my pitch. Nice. Plan to write that next weekend – bank holiday, 3 days.

Balance is in effect. Despite getting a decent amount of writing done, it wasnt at the expense of my social life. Which is a new thing – probably the first time since 2006.  Had a fantastic night out with Dan B, my subtle cyberpunk friend and technology lecturer who travels Europe and Hong Kong; has previously sent me the coolest text in the world  and once converted a fish breeding tank into a hot tub in order to satisfy his lady’s demand for a Hot Tub Time Machine Party; he’s also the chap who sold his massive house and moved into a warehouse so he could park his vDub van beside his sofa. An extraordinary chap and great company on an evening. He and I were sitting outside the Arnolfini drinking too much wine and being very engaging to anybody who wanted to share our table and listen. And then one woman sat down, artist type, very serious in a Medieval Queen Elizabeth sort of way, and we got talking – about life and technology and science and art, and she liked me referring to Dan as a cyberpunk and revealed she had lived with William Gibson (rented basement) in Vancouver whilst he was writing Neuromancer. Stop. Restart conversation after picking my jaw off the ground.  Probe further. Listen to stories about Gibson’s wife and her connections to Japan.  A nice moment in time.

For the past 18 years I have been running my RPG sessions (a home-grown system that evolved into Yellow Dawn in 2006) on Saturdays. Typically one Saturday every 3 weeks. Playing from noon until late.  Today marks a dramatic shift away from that paradigm,  as weekends have become more and more precious to me (for writing and getting out) and my players (now parents or in serious relationships).  The plan is to start running sessions every week, on a Tuesday night, and in a quiet corner of an old English pub rather than at my house. See how it goes.  I am looking forward to playing more regularly and in a central location – where food and drink is on hand.  And I am sure GBH (Game Breaker Hagen) will appreciate a place that is warm… rather than shivering in the fridge I live within.

That’s it.


NOTE: Featured hero image – Guy Wearing Hooded Top in Cyberpunk Setting – source unknown, please advise and I will credit.



2 thoughts on “Personal Blog: good progress on all fronts, new venue for Yellow Dawn

  1. Checking on from Barcelona… The “Up in the Air” life is not for everybody – it’s tough, packing a case every other week and being away from “your life”. I know, it’s a temporary thing, this month, last month, next month, the month after that… But I am happy at Richemont, and right now I’ve got that lovely dilemna: is this challenge and the knowledge that I need to aquire to be able to do it, too great? It’s a nice feeling, because that’s how we grow :-)

    Great blog, my friend. A wonderful William Gibson moment.

    Miss you and Oj.


    > El 20/05/2014, a las 14:31, “David J Rodger ¦ Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy” escribió:

  2. Good morning from the Boston Tea Party cafe in Bath. Hey Sharky, good to know you’re enjoying the new lifestyle even if it is bringing you round to confront the self-doubt (that we all have) in your reflection. Without fear there is no growth. Simple. I am expecting you to be able to furnish me with numerous facts and historical details about Barcelona when I next visit there. PS: do you want to visit Aigues-Mortes and the location of the castle used at the end of The Ninth Gate with me in July? Djr

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