SNIP: busy busy busy, a new story idea springs into life…


Travel photo - WWII World War Two bunker - Svolvaer - Norway - copyright David J Rodger

Svolvaer, Norway

Fab moment riding the bus back to Bristol from Bath yesterday, a flash of inspiration led to mad half hour of scribbling into a notebook by hand. I’d had a polite nudge from the editor putting together an anthology of shorts for Achtung! Cthulhu and I need to come up with an original piece of Mythos fiction that will fit the genre. I’m already working on four novels and fleshing out a campaign for Yellow Dawn RPG. Arrrrgh. But then I started thinking about where I am with “Broken Fury”, back in the Arctic – and then I thought about the WWII bunker I photographed in the remote island town of Svolvaer and that was it… one brand new shiny idea came to me. Whether it’s any good or not is another question but we’ll see what I can do. Watch this space. I’ve attached the photo of the bunker. Perfect Mythos location!


Commissioned to write a WW2 Mythos short story for Achtung! Cthulhu anthology

David J Rodger – DATA



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