SNIP: Oakfield gets to 55,000 words – new novel covers in development


Saturday. Productive already despite sitting here in the Sky Bunker like one of my own horror creations – due to lack of sleep last night. Happens from time to time.  Ugh.

Just finished my 45 minutes on Oakfield, now up to 55,000 words. Slow, enjoyable and good progress over these last few months. Yesterday had email from TheSprezz with first scamps of new designs for novel covers. I’ve commissioned him to do the 8 existing novels and the four new ones I’m now working on. Idea is to relaunch the entire collection this summer or autumn, then drip feed out the new novels once they’re finished… everything with a consistent brand. Very excited by what I’ve seen so far and very happy to have TheSprezz doing it, based on his excellent work with the UTOC Public Safety Notice I commissioned him to do several years ago (which went viral) and the Power of Eight Group logo.

Also had a voice mail on my phone yesterday from a friend who had just bought Cthulhu: Dark Fantasy, Horror & Supernatural Movies (Gothic Dreams), a new book brimming with incredible artwork and punchy text describing how fantasy art, literature, movies and even games have been influenced by the terrifying Cthulhu… and there’s a mention of my work in there. Foreword by John Harlacher Gordon Kerr. Fantastic bit of news. Thank you chaps! More on that in a separate blog. Right, time for coffee and creativity.



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