Personal blog: 24 miles, a few thousand words, 4 days of bliss

 ¦ dialling in from the Grain Barge ¦

Late afternoon on an Easter Bank Holiday Monday.  Coming to the end of an amazing four days. Time off work. Time away from work. Time to think, regroup my battered mind, find focus and see my life from a bit of perspective rather than always focussed on the hack & slash of the coal face.

Nice to be here. At the Barge. I don’t come here so often as I used to. Maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks now, whereas it used to be every night or every other night for most of 2012.  We always move on.  The in-place fades to become the shell of memories past.  I had some incredible moments here, but it was also  the sanctuary I came to – and felt utterly weirded out within – when my world came crashing down September 2012… and on, through the sleepless nights of October and November, and the shambling, nervous wreck of December. 2013 was a healing year.

I walked 24 miles this weekend.  I enjoy the sense of deep thought it brings about. Like a meditation.  The mind sinks down into some other place whilst the body just gets on with the task its been given: walk.

Only managed to touch three of the four books I am working on at the moment; Oakfield, every day of course, as that is my primary goal. Broken Fury every day too, as that is my guilty pleasure whilst I am out and about.  But today I worked on Sunder Gloom again.  Which felt like a bit of a treat.  I love the way each book has its own flavour, its own comfort spot in my brain like settling down into a really great sofa with an incredible vista beyond plate-glass windows and wooden decking.  Walking really helps to iron out the creases. Thinking through issues and tough parts of a plot.

Saw my little sister in Bristol Friday and Saturday.  She was here for her own reasons, which was nice. That a tiny part of her life is here.  In a few months she will be gone. Who knows how long for. Big changes ahead for her. For both of us I guess, but I am more attached, can’t (and don’t want to) snap away from all of it. Only a little bit for a short while.  More on that from me later, as and when it happens.  :o)

Neural interface plugs - image from Transcendence (2014) sci-fi cyberpunk flavours

Transcendence (2014)

Saw TRANSCENDENCE with Johnny Depp. Pretty good sci-fi with an old-school vibe. Reminded me a lot of the  Demon Seed (1977).  There was a hearty dose of Cyberpunk flavouring too, with the neural interface and sensory scanning technology; also the concept of limitless power with one individual becoming an unstoppable corporate entity taking over a dusty little town, counterbalanced against a few renegades who are fighting a desperate fight to stop what is happening.  The editing was pretty clunky around the action scenes and there was a massive plot crash near the end (woman puts gun to a mans head and says UPLOAD THE _____ or ______  ) which was actually totally unrequired… but you could see the blunt hand of some studio exec near the end trying to rationalise why the BOSS would take the decision that was taken as the story reaches that particular zenith.  Trying not to create any spoilers here.  But beyond that the movie can be forgiven these issues as it delivers a sense of dread (is the whole Internet infected?) and creepiness as a new intelligence grows and takes hold.  It’s not going to win awards but it was entertaining. 7/10.

That’s it for now.

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