Personal Blog: Progress and Pen y Fan

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I’m in the process of putting together some “show and tell” samples of what I’ve been doing for the last few months since launching The Social Club. After I bashed out 14 short stories in a crazy six-weeks, my brain went into hibernation mode. So since the New Year kicked in I’ve been limiting myself to 45 minutes a day, working on just one novel, Oakfield.  No more 4 a.m. starts, no Da Vinci method (polyphasic sleep). Just an easy target of 45 minutes a day, tick in box, go have some fun.  That’s been  happening nicely, however the past couple of weeks have seen me sliding into these old habits again, with a smile on my face.  I’ve also been working on some “fun projects” – a term which means I don’t treat them like work and don’t beat myself up if I don’t work on them every single day.  Broken Fury.  Sunder Gloom. And, Rise of the Iconoclast.  I’ll be posting samples soon.  These are novels I started in 2012 and 2013 but then put down to focus on The Black Lake and The Social Club. No idea when I’ll finish them – as Oakfield is the focus, but I’m aiming to keep them going.

The weekend just gone saw me and a few folks tackle Pen y Fan, a small mountain in Wales.  It’s described as having epic views, a good 7 mile hike with raw isolated beauty all around. That was the plan.  And the first photos (from the Internet) show what the  place looks like on a good day.  We got there and got hit by a storm front. 50 mile an hour winds and rain that felt like sandpaper scraping across your face.  I loved it, but did feel that maybe one of us was going to be severely injured… the edge-hugging routes turned to silky mud and everyone kept slipping, sliding and tumbling (myself included), trying to avoid smashing bones on jagged rocks or whizzing off the edge of a precipice. A polite reminder from Mother Nature about the kind of fury she can throw at you when you’re a few miles from anywhere and exposed.

Pen Y Fan 886 metres mountains in wales

Pen y Fan – image source unknown, advise and I will credit


Pen y Fan, mountain in Wales

Pen y Fan, mountain in Wales – example of a sunny day


Coming down from summit of Pen Y Fan in high winds and rain

My experience of Pen Y Fan in high winds and rain


PEN Y FAN - 886 metres

Summit! PEN Y FAN – 886 metres


DJR and friend on summit of Pen Y Fan - Wales

DJR and my mate on summit of Pen Y Fan – Wales



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