Personal Blog: 1st April 2014

¦ dialling in from the sky bunker ¦

It’s been a week since I got back from Morocco. And promptly fell ill. Brown gates of Hades for one night and then a mad fever that left me shuffling around like a George A. Romero zombie for a couple of days.  Better now, thank God; never underestimate the state of feeling normal. Still working through photos. Have written up a few so far Travel: Morocco – March 2014 (part 1)  and put together a couple of videos:



I had the weekend just gone completely to myself and managed to slip into old bad habits: 100% focus on writing, at the expense of everything else.  Kind of celebrating having my brain back after several days of being wiped out by Moroccan belly.  Made progress with Oakfield and a new one I started as a “fun project” last month. It’s called Broken Fury and was inspired by the last Yellow Dawn session I had with my group. Lots of big guns, heavy weapons and lots of action. I am kind of missing that in Oakfield (much more of a sinister mystery in a remote town in Cornwall). So Broken Fury is full-on action: Katharina Danielsen is selling secrets from the cyberspace research division of her employer, Relux. Her clandestine buyers decide they would prefer not to deal in bits of intel but rather have the source, so arrange a covert extraction to grab her from the Relux facilities in Tromsø, north Norway.  Massimo Pandev is called in to do the job.

I also spent some time this weekend dusting down Sunder Gloom and Rise of the Iconoclast. Sunder Gloom was another random idea that turned into a novel plot, last summer, but was interrupted by a road trip around the Arctic Circle and then finishing off the last novel The Social Club in time for the planned book launch.  Sunder Gloom also stars Massimo Pandev, and is the sequel to the highly popular and gritty cyberpunk horror I set in Bristol called Living in Flames.

Rise of the Iconoclast was started back in 2012 but I parked it to focus on writing The Black Lake – which scored a really positive review from The Guardian at the end of 2012.  If you have read The Social Club you should recall the folks who use the aerodyne called the Ginny… well they are the main characters in Rise of the Iconoclast.

Lots going on then, but I am planning to leave SG and Roti on the back burner, at least until I get Oakfield finished.



4 thoughts on “Personal Blog: 1st April 2014

  1. David,

    Glad you’ve recovered, and your creative juices seem to be flowing in a torrent. I like “sinister mystery” as much as the next guy, but sometimes you need to cut loose, you know? So looking forward to Oakfield from reading the bits you’ve posted on-line, and now the three others. Is Broken Fury a full on novel or will you be releasing it as a short story?

    All the best.


  2. Hey Chris, thanks very much for the positive words. Oakfield is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Short version of long story is it’s based on an idea I first worked on back in 1989 – I just didn’t have the nouse back then to write it. Broken Fury – I’ll post first couple chapters later this week, will be a full on novel :o)
    Hope life is treating you well over there.

  3. David,

    Things are looking up this side of the pond….winter is over and there are four novels in your pipeline. What could be better? Nice to know that Capt. Raske and crew will return.


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