Step back into the 80s with Mike Score’s new album Zeebratta

Zeebratta by Mike Score

Zeebratta album cover 2014 by Mike Score former legends of early 80s synth pop Flock of Seagulls

Zeebratta by Mike Score

I was heading to Morocco for a few days, needing R&R away from the writing and a bit of adventure.  Like most trips I wanted a soundtrack to build memories around the experience. I bought this on random impulse as it appeared on the feed of new releases on  A couple of listens to the samples left me uncertain, which meant it was going to be a grower and grabbed it. That always happens. If you hate a piece of music then leave it alone. But if you’re not sure, buy it, because your mind and imagination will shape itself in new ways around it. Morocco was amazing. And so is this album.  I used Marrakech as a base, but did a couple of road trips – one to Essaouira and another to the Atlas mountains. This album took me there and back.

Listening to this I was intrigued by how much it sounded like a polished 21st century piece of music but had this wonderful depth of 80s-ness! to it. No wonder.  Mike Score…

It shows a little bit of ignorance on my part (or a brain too crammed to pay attention) but I didn’t realise Mike Score had been in Flock of Seagulls.  Never heard of them?  Shame. Check out “I Ran”.  Early to mid-80s brilliance.

The track “Home” really got me with its background synths gliding up from the underflow to snag your thoughts. A bit of Sly Fox “let’s go all the way” in there somewhere too.

Zeebratta.  Fab album.  You should buy it today!




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