New RPG: Pulp Fantastic launches on Kickstarter

Step back into the 1930s where secret societies battle for control of history

I’m very pleased to be sharing this with you as one of the writers involved in the Pulp Fantastic project, Chris Halliday, has been closely involved (testing and long term player) with Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur RPG.

New RPG release Pulp Fantastic  from Battlefield Press by Chris Halliday, Chris Helton, Jon Nichols and Jonathan M. Thompson featuring fiction by Jon Nichols

Pulp Fantastic including material written by Chris Halliday involved in Yellow Dawn RPG


Pulp Fantastic utilises the Vortex System under license from Cubicle 7 (Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, Primeval and Ken Spencer’s Rocket Age).

Everything you need to play is in this one book. The only thing that doesn’t come with it is dice, pencils and a friend.

The creative team have shaped an era where problems are solved with fists and a gun; and mad scientists compete with nefarious villains to dominate or destroy the world.  Leap into exotic locations to battle with terrible technologies and tangle with the insidious web of treachery as the Nazis rise to power.

As a Kickstarter project, the team are seeking $1,500 USD by the 1st of May 2014.  One of the unique things to come out of this for backers is access to a special hardback edition of the Pulp Fantastic game, which, I’ve been told, won’t be available through ordinary outlets if the project moves forward.  If it does move forward then Pulp Fantastic will become available via a PDF reseller.  So donate a few dollars, pounds, euros or dirham now and help make this thrilling piece of work a success – and gain yourself a slab of quality physical product like they did in those days to boot!

Visit Pulp Fantastic on Kickstarter here!


Featured Hero Image: RPG dice jewelry by MageStudio


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